Why Does My Ice Maker Make Hollow Ice? (5 Major Reasons)

Over time, appliances would run into problems however with care, you can fix it without any hassle.

Most definitely, whatever issue it runs into there are a couple of hundreds facing the same issue and there is always a solution.

Why does my ice maker make hollow ice? Let’s find out. If your ice maker makes hollow ice, you need not fret it is yet one of those issues ice makers would go through.

So in this guide, you’ll learn why your ice maker makes hollow ice because the reasons might seem endless.

So let’s dive right in.


Signs That Your Ice Maker Is Making Hollow Ice

hollow ice cubes

You will notice some signs that your ice maker is making hollow ice.

  • The dispenser begins to make some noise while it is running
  • You would experience ice sticking together.
  • The cubes would begin to cut into halves.

These are some of the signs if ignored the problem could heighten so you must do well to resolve the issue so huge problems do not arise.

So what do you do when your ice maker makes hollow ice?

At this point, you might be in a hurry to resolve the issue, which is quite relatable. However, you must troubleshoot in other to note the problem and be precise about the precautionary measure to take.

So let’s see why your ice maker makes hollow ice.

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Why Does My Ice Maker Make Hollow Ice?

1. Improper temperature

If your ice maker is affected due to low pressure in the fridge. The ice maker will start filling the ice cube mold slowly and so this would result in the mold not having enough water to make ice cubes.

Low temperature encourages poor water flow and this would cause the ice maker to make hollow ice.

2. Water valve on wall clogged or not fully open

If the water valve is clogged up or not fully open, it would disrupt the very process of the ice making thereby encouraging the making of hollow ice.

3. The thermostat is not in good condition

This is yet another reason why your ice maker produces hollow ice cubes.

Find the thermostat, it is located inside the ice maker itself. If your thermostat is not good it will create hollow ice cubes as if causes the machine to cycle rather too soon.

Note: maybe your fridge does not have a thermostat. So check the manual that comes with it and if your ice maker doesn’t have a thermostat ignore this step.

4. Water filter is not in good shape

If you have a water filter in the ice maker, perhaps the water filter has reached the lifespan and won’t allow for easy access to water.

And even if it does, you would notice some floaters or particles in the cubes the ice maker produces so it is best to check the water filter.

5. Icemaker or fridge not leveled

Your ice maker should be leveled, if not the ice cube mold might not be filled as it should be and so they might not have the chance to be filled like others since the ice maker is not leveled.

One or more of these reasons would make your ice makes make hollow ice. So let’s see them.

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Solutions To Ice Maker Making Hollow Ice

1. Improper temperature: check if the temperature in the fridge is properly regulated. The internal temperature might be too low or high.

To check it use s thermometer, place it on any frozen food in the fridge. Adjust the temperature after every 23 hours until you get the desired results.

2. Water valve clogged up or not fully open: looked for the water valve, if it is clogged you can easily wash it off carefully otherwise change if you cannot.

If the water valve is not fully open then be sure to open the valve to allow for the passage of water.

3. Check the thermostat if you have that in your ice maker, if you find that the thermostat is faulty then it is time to replace it.

So remove it and find a good replacement for it.

4. Water filter: It might be important to have a water filter in and around your home. It’s important to check the water filter and know when it requires a replacement.

How long does a water filter last? Ideally, the water filter should last up to 4 to 6 months, however, it could clog up before them.

So while sticking to the manual be sensitive to notice signs that it needs replacement to keep enjoying neat ice cubes!

5. If your ice maker or fridge is not leveled, it is vital that you readjust the ice maker so that it sits properly well and makes admirable ice.

In long run, you’ll notice that the ice maker has stopped making hollow ice.

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Fixing any problem requires an intent guide, be sure to troubleshoot so you can be precise when administering the solution.

Finally, we hope this post on ‘why does my ice maker make hollow ice’ has given you a clue on the reason why ice maker makes hollow ice and you know how best you can fix it.

Nonetheless, ensure to avoid most of the problems where you can.

Good luck!

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