What To Serve With Boneless Turkey Breast (15 Amazing Side Dishes)

Boneless turkey breast is a great standalone meal with enough vegetable toppings you can relish. But are you looking for what to serve with boneless turkey breast to make your lunch or dinner date a bump?

There are many sides or even other standalone meals that you can pair with boneless turkey breast, and you will surely end your day in excitement.

Honey balsamic green beans, bay roared smashed potatoes, pork stuffing, and creamy cucumber salad are only a few of what you can pair with your boneless turkey breast.

Read on to find out the best side dishes for your turkey breast!


What to serve with boneless turkey breast

Turkey’s breasts are now known for their irresistible taste and culinary benefits. Whether you are preparing for a party or Thanksgiving, turkey breast is undoubtedly a go-to easy recipe for most of the meals you can ever think of.

The fun part is you can maneuver your way around the cooking process. So, there is no excellent cooking recipe because even you can make something out of nothing.

You can roast, cook, fry, or smoke the boneless turkey breast and serve it in sauce or broth and relish. But if you want something more profound, you’d go for other pairs like salads, vegetables, and fruits.

Let’s help you overcome the thoughts and confusion about what to eat with your boneless turkey breast. Are you ready to pair some meals? Let’s go!

15 Amazing dishes to serve with boneless chicken

1. Black Bean And Corn Salad

Let’s start with the basics; you can get a full-course meal without much effort. All you have to do is to have your boneless turkey breast served with black bean and corn salad.

Although it is a great standalone meal, black bean, and corn salad, you can do so much relishing it with that turkey you’ve smoked.

2. Buttery Mashed Cauliflower

If you are looking for simplicity and class, then buttery Mashed Cauliflower will offer you one experience in no time too.

You would only have to be intentional about the meal, and there you have it! Perfect meal served with boneless turkey breast. Isn’t that amazing?

3. Couscous Salad With Dried Fruit

Okay, maybe this is not exactly what anybody wants for a full-course meal, but you can enjoy this meal sitting alongside the boneless turkey breast. On the other hand, dried fruits would have this leathery feeling when you are relishing them.

However, having it merged with couscous salad and then turkey breast, you can’t but reap all the benefits that come with having this gracious meal.

4. Honey Balsamic Green Beans

Now, let’s move on to something that is mouth-watery. You don’t have to over-stress or overdo it. There are many things you can merge with boneless turkey breast, but have you tried this meal yet? Honey balsamic green beans.

Green beans are not just renowned for their nutritional value; they do well, representing the bean family when paired with other dishes.

5. Cranberry Pecan Stuffing

Imagine a whole month without cranberry pecan stuff. If this is the first time you have tried this, you would most certainly not flow with this.

But cranberry pecan stuff is more than just a great dish. It is a great crowd-pleaser and can pair with many dishes. Pair cranberry pecan stuff with chicken thighs and have your day satisfied.

Now, pair it with boneless turkey breast and see how much you stand to gain. Are you going to consider this meal?

6. Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes With Ham

Have you ever tried something creamy with all these meats? Oh, it’s a breathtaking and mind-blowing experience. Perfect for a party or culinary master looking forward to winning the guests’ hearts. If you want something creamy, look no further!

Cheesy scalloped potatoes with ham are a fantastic meal that satisfies your taste buds. You can imagine pairing it with boneless turkey breast. Now, that is paradise on a plate. You can learn to make cheesy scalloped potatoes with ham if you want something unique and mind-blowing.

7. Creamy Cucumber Salad

Will cucumber salad fit well with your turkey breast? Absolutely! This is not just any cucumber salad, and it is creamy too. Add this side dish to your options.

Cucumber has a high nutritional profile; to top it, it is a versatile vegetable anybody can have. What if you want to go veggie? There’s still something for you. Read on!

8. Bay Roasted Smashed Potatoes

Potatoes! How can we give other meals a chance at turkey and forget potatoes? Merge potatoes with many dishes, and you are on your way to the zenith of satisfaction.

Potatoes are sweet, easy to make, and can easily blend with any dish. You will only have to get the potatoes ready.

Roasting the potatoes gives them this crispy edge; now, serving it with your favorite meat is breathtaking and worth doing.

9. Green Bean And Goats Cheese Salad

Here we go again, some green beans, but this time with goat cheese salad. You would go right with this recipe. If you are preparing for a quick thanksgiving, consider this the best option!

10. Rocket Coleslaw

Not creamy and not a crowd-pleaser, but it is certainly worth your time if you cannot get on with any other side dish. The rocket coleslaw is the meal you shouldn’t hesitate to try out if you want something with a mild peppery taste and a crunchy feeling.

Get ready to fly with sweetness and satisfaction. If you want something more profound, pair it with boneless turkey breast.

11. Sweet Potato And Chive Damper

Skip rocket coleslaw if you don’t want something crunchy, maybe something like the boneless turkey breast. Sweet potato and chive damper are soft and easily digestible.

Just chop and cook the potatoes; that is all you need to have a fun-filled day!

12. Pork Stuffing

Another stuffing to get your taste buds satisfied. Pork stuffing is a good side dish you can pair with your meat and not regret it.

So don’t hesitate to try this out; you will be thankful you did!

13. Avocado Rice

Your turkey tastes great, but it tastes even better with avocado rice. Avocado rice is not just a crowd-pleaser; anybody can have this meal and feel comfortable.

You are safe whether you slice and place the avocado on the plate or mash and merge it with the rice.

14. Vegetables

So, what if you want to go veggie with some meat? You can add some edible vegetables to your plate and relish every bite. Parsley, rosemary, broccoli, or even lettuce can make your meal taste differently.

15. Potato Fries

Let’s end the list with potato fries; if you have some picnic to prepare, you should make that a mind-blowing event with this matchless meal.

Sprinkle some minced vegetables on the boneless turkey breast, or get some sauce for your fries.


Are you tired of looking for what to serve with a boneless turkey breast? Well, you just got some fantastic side dishes and a standalone dish you can pair with your boneless turkey breast on the go.

Most of these meals are easy to make, and you will not go wrong with them. If you need clarification about making a pick, then fret not!

This guide provides you with enough options to make decisions and get satisfying results.