Can You Sharpen Electric Knife Blades?

We all know that sharpening our cutting tools in the kitchen is essential. If the kitchen is the heart of the household, shouldn’t the utensils make up for it?

So for optimal performance sharpening is a must-do. But what about some tools such as an electric knife?

Can you sharpen electric knife blades? It is a misconception that an electric knife does not need sharpening. Isn’t the electric knife designed with serrated edges? You are correct!

However, like the traditional knives, it would require some sharpening for optimal performance. Let’s learn why your electric knife blade needs sharpening. What’s more? You would learn how to sharpen your electric knife blade the right way.

So let’s walk you through that path!


Why do you need to sharpen your electric knife blade

Yes, an electric knife blade might be sharpened and could even last longer than most knives, due to the serrated edge. However, like these knives, the electric knife would most definitely become dull or blunt so long as it is useful.

Over time due to consistent use the blade will begin to wear out and might begin to tear through food instead of giving you a nice fine cut. What can you do to save the day? sharpening it might sound less serious until the knife becomes blunt.

So for the optimum result, your electric knife blade requires consistent sharpening.

Sharpening is one thing, however, it could be daunting trying to know which tool is good enough to sharpen the electric knife and get a rewarding result. You could learn the best tools for sharpening electric knife blades.

More so, knowing how to sharpen your electric knife is a plus for you. Do you want to learn how to do that?

Let’s begin!

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How to sharpen an electric knife blade

Be rest assured that sharpening your electric knife blade is not as hard as you might be thinking. You could sharpen the knife like a pro even if it is your first time.

First off there are two methods through which you could sharpen your knife. the two methods include;

  • Using electric knife sharpener
  • Using the sharpening rod

Indeed using the electric knife sharpener might sound more delightful. However, any kind of misuse might cause grievous damage. So you should learn how to use the electric knife sharpener well

Using electric knife sharpener: if you intend to use your electric knife sharpener. Here’s how to use it;

Step 1 

Prepare your workspace. You can’t use your electric sharpener where is inconvenient for your whether indoor or outdoor clear the places.

Step 2 

Place the blade of the electric knife in the sharpener as deep as possible. Ensure it meets the grinding stone.

Step 3

you can now slowly pull, it to the tip of the knife.

Note: the electric knife sharpener sets the angle right on its own. So you wouldn’t have anything to worry about. You’ll need to slide the blade of the knife in the sharpener until it is connected to the grinding stone.

Step 4 

Make sure to pass the black consecutively on each side. Ensure it is an equal amount of time.

Step 5 

If you have a finer stone, you can move it there to get a very sharp edge. It will give the blade the finishing touch it deserves.

Step 6

You must properly clean the knife; you cannot sharpen and toss your knife immediately.

So with soapy water, clean the knife and then rise with another water. This is to remove metal shards. Pat dry the knife and safely store them.

Using sharpening rod: remove the knife from the machine.

Get a hold of the knife; let the tip be placed away from you. Grip the sharpening rod in your other hand.

Slide the electric knife blade up and down on the knife sharpness, making sure the sharpener’s metal rod remains in the same serration. Continue with the process until you are done with each serration then flip to the other side to continue.

Further tips

  • Ensure you unplug the socket of the knife sharpener after use.
  • Try not to rush sharpening, remember you are dealing with a knife.

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Conclusion: Can You Sharpen Electric Knife Blades?

You not only learned whether you can sharpen an electric knife blade, you learned how you can sharpen an electric knife blade too. It is quite achievable in the comfort of your home.

Follow this guideline and be sure to reap all the rewards that come with it.

Remember to be careful with the knife.

Good luck!

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