How Long Does a Water Filter Last?

Water filter is one of the household essentials we cannot ignore. Now whether you choose a full house filtration or just to use a water filter directly on faucets, it would require change.

How long does a water filter last?

Water filters would last for some relatable time starting from the time you got them, ideally, water filters would last for 4-6 months if you don’t have more contaminants to battle with. Contaminants? shouldn’t the water filter take care of that?

You are correct, however, like other appliances water filter wears out too. Read on to find how and when you can change your water filter.

Shouldn’t the water filter take care of the contaminants?

In an actual sense, it should. It is the primary job of the water filter to take care of the contaminants however it would wear out at some point.


Some factors that affect how long water filters last

1. From the day you get the water filter. It is susceptible to damage if you constantly have children revisiting your faucet or any other place the filter is then it is susceptible to damage.

2. More so, using too much hot water could damage the carbon located in the filter and this could tear open the filter and allow the flow of contaminants.

3. Further, as you use the water filter, the contaminants get to clog the water filter, and since it doesn’t have anywhere to dispose of them off they would block the filter and weaken it in the end.

These are the factors that could affect how long your water filters last.

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How do you know your water filter needs replacement?

Your water filter would show you some sign that it needs changing.

  • It is time to get a new filter if the light indicator is red.
  • It is time to get a new water filter if the water has floaters in them.
  • Change your water filter when you begin to sense the water has this foul odor.
  • Change your water filter when the pressure has reduced. If the water filter flows rather too slow then it is because the filter is clogged.
  • Change the water filter if you cannot place your head on what is wrong with it, especially if it has reached 6months after installation.

You would want to maintain sound health. So change the filter when the need may be.

Can a water filter last more than 4-6months?

If you haven’t installed the water filter after purchase then it would last for years, other than that the possibility of such happening is slim.

Further tips

Here’s a must-know;

After installing your water filter it is best to run it with cold water for some time before using the hot water.

Be sure to check for the indicator to make sure it is reading.

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Conclusion: How Long Does a Water Filter Last?

Hopefully, you now know how long the water filter lasts and the factors that can affect it. Avoid them at all costs and watch your water filter last up to 4 to 6 months.

If you notice any signs that it needs replacement do not hesitate to do so. The key is to maintain a healthy household.

Always remember to see the manual of the filter you choose to buy. More so, for a rewarding result make sure to refer back to our guide.

Good luck!

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