Do You Push Or Pull When Sharpening A Knife?

So many things could dull a knife and in the end, render it blunt if the owner does not get to sharpen the knife.

Sharpening your knife is one of the best ways to maintain your knife and increase the life span. You would only have to learn the best way to sharpen your knife.

Do you push or pull when sharpening a knife?

The truth is you can either push or pull when sharpening a knife. However, it would be dependent on the kind of sharpening tool and what works for the user.

Hold on! There’s more you would learn how to sharpen your knife and you would also learn how to care for your knife by the end of this guide.

So read on!


Push vs. pull- which is best?

As said earlier you can sharpen your knife before either pushing or pulling depending on the type of knife you are sharpening and also the sharpening tool you are using.

For counter wet stone, it is advisable to try and keep your blade slightly angled. You should not keep your blade in a straightforward manner.

You would have to do so with both hands to apply the same pressure if you lack consistency using one hand.

You should understand how you can strategically sharpen your knife.

To pull- if you are sharpening your knife or you want to sharpen your knife and intend to pull it is best to slightly bring the knife towards you.

To push- is to take the knife in the outward direction like you are reaching out to the person right in front of you, but you are not! Hilarious

Whether pull or push, you can get a remarkable result doing it anyway. However, you can get a consistent edge or result pulling it.

As you pull the knife towards you ensure you release pressure as it could be a potential threat if continued with pressure as you would when pushing the knife in an outward manner.

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What is the best way to sharpen a knife?

If you are new to the act of sharpening your blade, then you should hold the knife at the correct angle with one hand.

The blade should face your other fingers. Try pushing it away from you. Make as many strokes, however not too much, and then flip to the other to repeat the act.

Now you see that whether you pull or push your knife provided you are comfortable with it you would get a rewarding result.

More so, you can choose to use an electric knife sharpener. The electric knife sharpener would provide you with an easy automatic way to keep your knife sharp. However, it could be hazardous if you do not handle it with care.

How long would the knife last and be sharp?

Your knife would last as long as you care for it, and as long as care it. You could learn what dulls a knife the fastest, so you can avoid them.

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Tips to caring for your knife

  • Wash your knife after unboxing it
  • Wash it after every use whether after a specific use or multiple uses.
  • Pat dry or air dry after washing to avoid rusting
  • Do not cut on ceramic or glass cutting board
  • Avoid washing in a dishwasher and more!

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Conclusion: Do You Push Or Pull When Sharpening A Knife?

Certainly, your intention to learn whether it’s best to push or pull when sharpening a knife is to have the sharpest knife.

The sharpest knives around would be the newest knives in the kitchen. So long as you use the knife it is susceptible to dulling. It is inevitable.

However, you can learn how best to sharpen your knife whether you have gotten used to pulling or pushing.

Remember to take care of your knife to get the maximum result.

Good luck sharpening your knives.

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