My Ice Arm Maker Will Not Go Down (Quick Fix)

Using appliances for long is really fun, however, they are susceptible to misbehaving or even damage, most often it doesn’t even need to be the owner’s fault.

Have you been using your ice maker for some time? Now for some reason, you are wondering why my ice arm maker will not go down.

There could be several reasons why your ice maker wouldn’t go down.

And here in this guide, you will learn why your ice maker will not go down and how to fix it.

So let’s learn, shall we?


Why would arm maker not go down?

ice maker

Mechanical problem: First off, your ice arm maker might not come down after releasing ice due to mechanical issues.

So you would have to check to know if it is a mechanical issue.

The ice around the arm of the ice maker if you have ice in or around your ice arm maker then it would probably cease for some time until it melts. This is another reason why ice arm makers will not come down.

Come to think of it should your ice make be up or down?

If the ice maker is in an up position then the ice maker bucket is full and would automatically turn the ice maker off.

Originally, the ice arm maker should come down after releasing ice, so you would push them up again.

So if you intend to have your ice maker continue making ice, the arm lever should be in the down position.

Another reason why your ice maker will not come down could be because it has reached the life span. And due to this, it might occasionally show signs of replacement.

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Signs your ice maker needs replacement

  • If the problem persists the ice arm maker not coming down.
  • It has reached the life spam
  • It turns occasionally

Do you wish to take care of this fault? Then read on!

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How to fix an ice maker that will not come down

Try not to force the arm of your ice maker down, if you experience such. You might end up breaking the arm in the process.

Try troubleshooting to know the problem. Check if the arm is locked in the up position. If so gently press down the arm to get it down.

What if it refuses to get down? Then allow it to be for some time maybe it’s a mechanical problem, if so then call on special services to help fix the problem otherwise get the manual to be sure of the problem.

Maybe ice is preventing the ice arm maker from getting down. To get the ice arm maker down, try defrosting the ice, if not the freezer entirely this is to make sure the arm is not held by any ice.

Furthermore, to check for any problem remove the icemaker, take off the front cover, check for screws holding the motor gear mechanism in place.

It could be that the lever mechanism is not in its place. Put it in its place and then reinstall the ice maker.

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Conclusion: My Ice Arm Maker Will Not Go Down

Trying to fix your ice maker when it runs into any problem shouldn’t be a problem. Just make sure you know the specific problem your ice maker going through, for easy troubleshooting.

Now you know why the ice arm maker will not go down. Try and know what exactly is the cause is, and then fix it following the guide.

Hopefully, you successfully do so!

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