Where Is The Coolest Air Found Inside An Oven?

Have you experienced an unevenly cooked or warmed-up meal after staying some minutes in the oven?

Well this most likely is what some people that are conversant with ovens would experience. Whether microwave oven or even electric oven. Some parts are cooler than other parts.

If you wonder where is the coolest air found inside an oven? The chances are you would want to warm up your food even or better understand how your oven works.

And in this guide you’ll learn everything there is about this and how to figure out the coolest part In the oven.

So let’s find out!


Do ovens have cold spots?

inside an oven

If you’ve consecutively warmed up or cooked a meal in an oven, you will realize that some part of the meal might seem undisturbed with the heat.

This simply explains that the ovens have this cold spot that you as well as I do not know. Unless we get to carry out some expeditions we might not get to figure it out.

However, with or without figuring it out ovens have cool and hot spots.

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Where the coolest air is found inside the oven

Most ovens are hotter at the top than the bottom.

The area that is most likely to have the coolest air is close to the door of any oven. Why? This is because heat escapes from the steel and more so, the door is quite far from the heating element located in the oven.

Simply put, depending on where the heating element is the coolest air can be found quite further away from the heating element.

That is why it is important to rotate or flip whatever meal you have in your oven, so it heats the meal quite well and evenly.

So even if you set your oven at 300 degrees or 350 degrees, some parts would be cooler while some parts would appear warmer. To particularly know which spot is cooler and hotter you can make an oven map.

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How to find the coolest spot in the oven

Spread some shredded coconut on a sheet pan and toss it into the oven after it’s pre-heated.

Allow it to stay for some time with a relatively high voltage. This is to make sure the power is enough for the oven.

Over time, you’ll unarguably be able to note which part of your oven is hotter or cooler.

What’s the result? The hottest part of the oven would most likely brown your shredded coconut making it look crispy while the cooler part will idolize the shredded coconut. After all, it shouldn’t burn just yet.

The cooler part will take longer to pick up and would not be responsive as at the time. And even if left for a longer period would not cook it as the hottest part would.

Why is it important to find where the coolest air is in the oven?

Though it sounds off, the place with the coolest air would prevent the meal from overcooking or at worst burning.

Warning: some ovens have to steal in them and while the food on the cooler part might not heat up, the steel would certainly generate. So it is ideal to approach the oven with a hand towel or glove as you risk burning your hand without them.

Further tip

  • Remember to take care of your oven
  • Clean after every use
  • Always check on your oven anytime it is running.

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Conclusion: Where Is The Coolest Air Found Inside An Oven?

With this detailed guide, you now know where to find the coolest air inside an oven. The coolest air can be found near the oven door.

More so, to find the coolest air, check out the parts further away from the heating element.

Remember you can equally do some experiments by using shredded coconut look back into this guide to carry out the process well.

Good luck!

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