How To Tighten Garbage Disposal Blades (Read This First)

Though the garbage disposal is meant to be loose, it could become non-responsive when it becomes too loose, non-responsive in the sense that it would not grind food residues well.

Whilst it would be advisable to replace the garbage disposal when it becomes too loose it could be discouraging especially if you just got the disposal.

Here is a must-know! It is a myth that garbage disposal comes with blades. So, before we dive right into knowing how to tighten garbage disposal blades, we must clear the air.

Let’s roll!


What you must know about the garbage disposal

Some people would refer to the disposal blade as free-swinging lugs. The lugs have teeth in them, so the lug pushes the food residues against the shredder rings, and then that breaks the food residue down.

So is it normal for the lugs to lose? Yes, the garbage disposal as most people would call it is designed to be loose.

It is this that would allow the food residue to grind well. However, as said earlier in this guide it would be non-responsive if it becomes too loose.

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Is there a way you can tighten garbage disposal blades?

The garbage disposal has no way you can tighten the blades if it becomes too loose, so it is advisable to replace the disposal to continue to reap the rewards that come with having a garbage disposal.

Though you could do something to loosen the garbage disposal blades there are no practical efforts you would make to tighten loose garbage disposal blades. The blades could be blunt as well and there is no way to sharpen them too!

So it is advisable you call for help.

If you intend to check the disposal, you might have to open up the grinding chamber.

Note: for some models, you would not achieve this without the tools needed to open up the grinding chamber, so make sure you are conversant with your disposal. You can find and follow the manual and if you cannot, try connecting with the manufacturers.

Moreover, opening the grinding chamber would damage the disposal. So if you can spare that then go ahead. However, if do not want to discard the disposal any moment soon, do not open the grinding chamber.

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Conclusion: How To Tighten Garbage Disposal Blades

There is no practical result on how to tighten garbage disposal blades. So if your blades are too loose, then you have the option to replace them.

However, before jumping into replacing the garbage disposal, it is advisable to call for help.

And if the disposal is not too loose, then you have no course to worry about. The garbage disposal blade is designed to be loose. It is this that guarantees it grinds the food residue efficiently.

Good luck!

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