Insinkerator Magnetic Stopper Not Working

Experiencing faults from your Insinkerator? Perhaps your Insinkerator magnetic stopper goes off abruptly. And even the relieving sound of a click will not guarantee the successful running of the stopper.

Sometimes it is unavoidable having our appliances go into some mechanical fault. It would be daunting if you cannot find the reason behind the fault and how best to go about it.

Is your Insinkerator magnetic stopper not working? It could be that the magnetic stopper is not properly fixed or it is broken.

You’ll learn here in this guide why your Insinkerator magnetic stopper is not working and how to go about it.

Let’s begin!


Why your Insinkerator magnetic stopper is not working

Maybe the magnetic stopper is not in a good position. So check your magnetic stopper, the switch will activate only when the stopper is in a good position.

More so, another reason might be that some parts of the magnetic stopper are broken; if some parts are broken the stopper would not sit well and at such would not be responsive.

It is important to note that the magnetic stopper, like every other part of the Insinkerator, would wear out. The magnetic stopper might wear out more quickly than other parts.

Why does the magnetic stopper wear out?

Depending on the stopper, the stopper ranges from plastic to rubber and then metal. The magnetic stopper would wear out over time, since moisture passes through the magnetic stopper any time the machine runs.

Because of the moisture passing through the stopper, the housing is pushed out and wears away. At some point, the swelling would increase if you do not replace the stopper.

So long as the stopper is still there, it will continue to expand until it could no longer fit the hole. The magnet can no longer cover the Insinkerator and perform its purposes.

Furthermore, the magnetic stopper could rust over time.

This is why it is important to replace the magnetic stopper when it begins to wear out after some time.

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What to do when the Insinkerator magnetic stopper won’t work?

Once in a while appliances would show signs of wearing out or faults so long as they are in use. And the truth is, even after constant repairs it may still be faulty. So the best way out is to find a replacement.

For a broken Insinkerator magnetic stopper: it might be Impossible trying to fix the magnetic stopper, so for best result find the replacement and have the Insinkerator work properly again.

For worn-out magnetic stoppers: you shouldn’t hesitate to replace your magnetic stopper if it is wearing out. Remember the magnetic stopper wouldn’t be able to fit in the hole.

If you are not so sure that you would find the very type of your magnetic stopper you should call on Insinkerator support for help. You would be amazed as you might get the exact magnetic stopper that you want.

If you intend to have your magnetic stopper run for a long period, then remember to clean your stopper. Read on to learn how to clean it.

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How to clean Insinkerator magnetic stopper

Ensure you have your glove on, the sight of the particles and slime in the magnetic stopper could be quite displeasing.

Remove the stopper from the sink and wash away the slime with water. For best results, wash the stopper with cleaning paste or find other cleaning agents.

To use cleaning paste: you can mix baking soda, vinegar, and lemon. Apply it on the surface of the stopper and allow it to sit for some minutes, ideally 10 to 15 minutes. However, do not let the paste dry on the stopper.

After some minutes, wash the stopper and rinse with water. Make sure you can no longer see the lime and other particles.

Clean the edges of the sink before placing the magnetic stopper again.

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Conclusion: Insinkerator Magnetic Stopper Not Working

There are a few reasons that your Insinkerator magnetic stopper is not working. Be sure to know why your Insinkerator magnetic stopper is not working.

And even after some repairs, it still wouldn’t work fine. It is best to call on Insinkerator support.

To find the best replacement without racking the market, call for some help.

Have a delightful time fixing your Insinkerator magnetic stopper.

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