Insinkerator Air Switch Not Working

Since 1927 after the first invention of garbage disposer otherwise known as Insinkerator, the benefits of this garbage disposer cannot be overstretched.

And just like every other idea or invention. Insinkerator had its moments; where it was banned, never recognized, and even ignored for some reasons.

However, today most people use this garbage disposer. According to a report while half of the Americans live in homes with garbage disposers more than 60 percent already had it installed when they moved in.

And like every other appliance, your garbage disposer might show signs of malfunctioning at some point.

Is your Insinkerator air switch not working?

There could so many reasons behind the faulty air switch and you have to know the problem before attempting to fix it.

And in this article, you’ll know why your Insinkerator air switch is not working and how you can fix it.

Let’s begin!


Why Insinkerator air switch is not working

Though Insinkerator air switches are alternatives to wall switches and in most cases safer since it barely has contacts with electricity, it could encounter problems occasionally like any other switch.

So, before engaging in any quick-fix solution or long-term solution as the case maybe you must identify the problem with the air switch.

Let’s look at these problems

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Tubing or Air switch bellow

Usually, the air switch of your Insinkerator should make this click sound anytime you plug into the electrical outlet under the countertop.

If it clicks then the air switch is working just fine. But if not then the air switch is not sending enough air pressure. The problem is with its tubing or the air bellow inside the button.

To fix this: first, check to make sure the air tube is firmly connected to the power modules. So you either replace the tubing or relocate it.

Air switch hissing

Listen for a hissing sound after pushing the air switch. If you hear any sound more like air escaping from a balloon then the air bellow is damaged.

To fix this: this might require you to replace the air switch since you cannot only get the air-bellow

Air hose leaking

Check the air hose is leaking. If you ignore it, it could get worse, because the hose will fail to transfer enough air pressure to operate the microswitch inside the power module,

To fix this: either use duct tape or find another hose.

Insinkerator doesn’t work even when the air switch clicks

So what if your Insinkerator air switch clicks upon pushing the button but still it doesn’t work.

Perhaps the problem is with the electric connection inside the power module or from the garbage disposer itself.

To fix this: ensure the reset button is in its right place. If it is not, gently push the reset button followed by the air switch button. This act would simply turn on your garbage disposer.

If at all this does not work. You can simply use another means by plugging it directly into the wall switch. However, before removing the plug from the power outlet ensure you turn off the wall switch.

If your garbage disposer should work then the problem is with the power module in the air switch. Replace the air switch.

If your garbage disposer does not work after this, or if the problem persists the problem is from the garbage disposer but before concluding make sure the voltage is high enough to allow the garbage disposer to work.

To fix this: you might have to get a new garbage disposer

Blades clogged

Check if the blades of your garbage disposer I clogged or blocked by anything. If this is the case it would not allow for the proper working of your disposer.

To fix this: check for the power unit, reach for the garbage disposer with tongs and get out whatever is caught inside. Then turn the disposer on again.

Water penetrates the air switch

Perhaps you ask how water can penetrate the air switch.

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How Can Water Penetrate The Air Switch?

Because air switches are operated by a vacuum hose attached to a microswitch. Water can get into the vacuum hose and then into the short-circuit.

During this process, water might get into the power module of the air switch and then cause it to overheat; at this point, you would notice a burning smell.

To fix this: quickly turn off the power passing onto the air switch. Remove it from the outlet. it might be unsafe to use again if it dries.

The damages may cause malfunctioning for the disposer itself; causing it to turn on and off by itself. This might lead to the machine’s self-destruct.

Water finding its way in the air switch could be dangerous it might even lead to an outbreak.

In some rare cases, you could push or turn on the power button and it refuses to return before, during, or after use. If the switch gets stuck more often, then change the button unit.

It is unavoidable to have a machine develop fault once in a while. You can get to fix it sometimes. However, it is important to troubleshoot to find out how best to fix it.

This way you do not have to worry if you added to its problem or fixed it well.

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Conclusion: Insinkerator Air Switch Not Working

Your Insinkerator air switches like every other air switch might be faulty at some point of use. So, you would have to check why the air switch is not working properly.

And this guide has provided most of the reasons for this and how you would go about repairing the air switch. However, if the problem persists call on the plumbing unit so you do not end up damaging your garbage disposer.

Are you excited that you now have the idea of why your Insinkerator air switch is not working?

Follow this guide intently so you get a rewarding result.

So go fix your Insinkerator air switch!

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