What You Need To Know About Point-Of-Use Water Filter?

Also known as POU, the point-of-use water filter is one of the water filters that most house owners recommend, if you are looking forward to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Like every other filter, the primary function of the point-of-use water filter is to carry out the process of water filtration with ease.

Point-of-use water filter systems would provide filtration as they are always installed in a specific location in most houses and even hospitals. You can often see them beneath your kitchen sink.

Do you wish to find out more about what you need to know about the point-of-use water filter? Read on to find out!


Why is it called a point-of-use water filter?

point-of-use water filter under the sink

The name point-of-use system is a result of the filter’s ability to provide water treatment to the connected faucet it had been placed on.

How does point-of-use water filter work?

POU is designed to reduce or remove waterborne contaminants, including pathogens, right at the end of the water system at the faucet or shower.

Once the filter is installed and run for some minutes, then filtration has begun. The filter gets to retain harmful contaminants thereby improving the quality of the water in your household.

And this makes it safe for your household.

Where can you install a point-of-use water filter?

We can install a Point-of-use water filter in hospitals, homes as well as workplaces. And unlike the point of entry otherwise known as POE that treats water for the whole house, the point-of-use water filter treats water for single faucets or taps in homes.

So in other words you would have to install as many point-of-use water filters in your homes to see effective results.

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Why do people choose point-of-use water filters over other filters?

Easy installation: if you do not wish to call on plumbers for installation then you can easily follow the manual that comes with the appliance.

The installation guide will vary and so would depend on the point-of-use water treatment you choose to install.

Instant access: the filter can provide you with as many gallons of water as you would need. You would have instant access to clean water.

Affordable: the point-of-use water filter is more affordable and it is quite sizeable too.

So if you have allergies and cannot stand the sight of unclean water then you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of a water filter.

More so, you would save your household from possible threats.

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How long does a point-of-use water filter last?

Like every other appliance, a point-of-use water filter would reach a particular life span and expire. The point-of-use water filter might last up to 3 to 6 months depending on the size of the unit. It could last up to 1 year too.

You would only have to know the types of point-of-use water filter to see which one best fit your home.

Note: some factors would affect how long the water filter lasts. So it would be advisable to learn these factors to avoid them

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Conclusion: What You Need To Know About Point-Of-Use Water Filter?

Hopefully, you now know what is point-of-use water filter and the benefits of having one in your home. You can learn how to install a water filter.

If you still doubt the benefits of a water filter remember the contaminants it blocks from reaching your glass of water. More so, the key to good health is just to maintain a healthy lifestyle without necessarily doing much.

The POU water filter won’t cost much to have. You just have to choose the right one and follow the manual intently.

Good luck with that!

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