Spoon Stuck in Garbage Disposal (Key causes + Fixes)

There is nothing as fulfilling as watching your appliances run just fine without trouble.

Indeed it is and in this case your garbage disposal. Just having it continuously push down food remnants and leave your environment odor-free is super fun! Right?

And now accidentally you got a spoon stuck in garbage disposal and it won’t give you that same feeling you almost forget you have each time it runs.

You have so many questions you need answers to like; will you ever get the spoon out of your garbage disposal? Can spoon break garbage disposal? Will your garbage disposal still run fine even if you get it out?

Well easy there… There is always at least one solution to any problem.

Let’s help you out.


Will You Ever Get The Spoon Out Of Your Garbage Disposal?

garbage disposal

Why not? Most garbage disposals come with a special little hex wrench that slides into a slot all the way to the bottom of your disposal.

And this allows for loosening or tightening of blades. And with this, you can easily remove anything that is stuck.

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Can Spoon Break Garbage Disposal?

Items as little as pieces of bone or nutshell are capable of damaging your garbage disposal. If this is so then the spoon can actually cause more damage to the garbage disposal.

So, yes dropping a spoon in the garbage disposal will offer it to the hands of damage.

It could burn out the engine at your disposal.

While it might not be so hazardous, you should not take these occurrences lightly.

Will your garbage disposal still run fine even after it is out?

Well, that depends on how severe the case might be. That depends also on how you get to remove the spoon from your garbage disposal, which is what you cannot afford to get wrong.

So let’s help you remove the spoon!

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How You Can Remove The Stuck Spoon From The Garbage Disposal

For safety, purposes turn off the switch. Unplug the disposal from the outlet

1. Find the wrench

  • Look for the hex wrench in the center of the disposal. Insert the wrench into the center hole. Shift the wrench back and forth until it turns one full revolution. This should loosen the spoon.
  • You can also use the Allen wrench on the Allen bolt you can find it at the bottom center of the disposal. Move it back and forth while removing the spoon.

Note: whatever you do, do not use your fingers to remove the spoon from the garbage. Also do not use any other object.

What if the spoon is still stuck? Use a needle nose plier, the narrow one preferably. Grab onto the spoon move it back and forth then pull out.

Be patient whilst doing this as it may seem harder than it looks at some point.

2. Let the garbage coll

After this allow your garbage disposal to refresh for 3 to 5 minutes, push the reset button on the bottom of the disposal.

3. The garbage is ready for use again!

When you are done plugin back in a garbage disposal. Switch it on and run it with some amount of water, this is to ensure your garbage disposal is running fine.

This would always get you out of trouble if at all you should encounter something similar.

However, you can easily avoid having the same thing repeated as it might end up damaging your garbage disposal.

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Some Items That Can Clog Or Be Stuck In Your Disposal

Some items might be too hard or too small to grind so be careful want you feed your garbage disposal. If not you could end up repeating the same process more often and your garbage disposal might end up with more damage than thought.

Some items that could get stuck in the garbage disposal include;

  • Pumpkin guts
  • Melon seeds
  • Corn husks
  • Broken glasses
  • Gravel or sand
  • Pieces of bone
  • Fruit pits

How To Know Your Garbage Disposal Is Broken

Most times you might not get to know when your garbage disposal is broken or on the verge of breaking.

If your disposal starts to make a humming sound or screeching sound be sure to check it. Sometimes when it is stuck with any object and you get to turn it on, it would clatter sound. Do turn it off as so as possible.

Other times it might not work after turning it on.

Be sensitive enough to notice theses and other situations that may arise so you attend to them, lest it causes damages.

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Conclusion: Spoon Stuck in Garbage Disposal

Having your appliances run into problems might be natural and can be unavoidable sometimes.

However, if you are extremely careful you could avoid some of those problems.

Whatever might be the case know today that you can get out of the problem just in a nick of time.

Getting your spoon stuck in garbage disposal might be by accident and even if not you now know how you can get it out.

Remember to be patient while removing it from your garbage disposal. And keep your hands off it.

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