No Water Pressure In Kitchen Faucet But The Sprayer Works

So long as the faucet or sprayer comes in contact with water, there are high chances of them developing faults; especially experiences like; low water pressure or no water running at all.

And truth is, you could silently enjoy the constant running of the water until it stops running. And even if you wouldn’t have a hard time finding the fault. It would be quite daunting trying to fix the problem.

If you have stormed into this guide then chances are you have no water pressure in kitchen faucet but the sprayer works pretty fine.

And this problem we shall help you fix you do not have to do it alone. But first off, let’s find out why you have no water pressure in your kitchen faucet.


Why do you have no water pressure in the kitchen faucet?

water from a kitchen faucet

The common reasons you have no water pressure in your kitchen faucet are;

  • Blocked aerator
  • Clogged cartridge

So if you experience such faults, the reasons are not far-fetched, so what’s next? Let’s learn how to fix the problem!

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How to fix the issue of no water pressure in your kitchen faucet

To fix the problem you must do one thing first, this grants you the surety of a rewarding result after fixing.

First off, you should check if the problem is just with your house or general. Simply ask around, your neighbors could be experiencing the same problem.

Once you have asked and have discovered it is just your home then you can check your other fixtures in the house. How do you do this?

To do so, check the water outlets in your house, perhaps you have low or no water pressure in other fixtures and not just in the kitchen. And if you discover the issue is just with the kitchen faucet then it is time to fix it!

For blocked aerator

You can find the aerator in the spout of the faucet. So over time due to constant use of water, the aerator will then be filled with mineral deposits which then block the faucet.

To fix the problem

  1. It is ideal to put the plug into the sink’s drain; you have to stop any parts that might fall down the drain hole when you remove them.
  2. Remove the aerator: you can use pair of pliers to carry this out that is if you cannot use your hand. Do it carefully to avoid damaging the faucet.
  3. Get the aerator out and clean: to clean the aerator use a toothbrush to wash off whatever is blocking the aerator. And if there is excess build-up, use white vinegar or lemon juice to remove any mineral deposits.
  4. Test the faucet before placing it again: run the water before placing the aerator, then place the aerator and run the water again to check the pressure. And if it runs fine then you have resolved the problem.

So, what if this is not the problem? It is time to check the cartridge

  • Locate the water valves beneath the sink and put them off.
  • Remove the faucet handle; to remove the faucet without any hassle use a screw driver or Allen key to remove the faucet handles.
  • Find and remove the cartridge nut with a wrench and then remove the cartridge.
  • Done with that? You might want to get all the parts together don’t have them scattered around so you can easily fix them back.
  • It is time to clean the cartridge off every dirt or deposit obstructing the flow of water.
  • Now turn back the valves on and test to see the pressure with which the water flows.

Any of this could be the problem, so ensure you run some tests before concluding.

If at all you have checked the aerator and the cartridge but still cannot find any issue, then you should call for some help.

You might end up breaking or damaging the faucet if you attempt to fix it on your own.

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Conclusion: No Water Pressure In Kitchen Faucet But The Sprayer Works

It is understandable if you have no water pressure in kitchen faucet but the sprayer works. However, it could be quite frustrating if you begin to have a hard time finding out what the problem is.

And now you have this guide you should be able to figure out at least two reasons for the fault.

If you are finding it fixing your faucet, we advise you call for help.

We sincerely hope you fix your faucet as soon as possible.

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