When Must a Knife be Cleaned and Sanitized?

For optimal performance knife as well as other kitchen utensils must be cleaned and sanitized on regular basis.

This intentional act is to maintain the knife while increasing the life span.

While it is advisable to clean and sanitize your knife regularly, it is important to note that overdoing so might cause more harm than good.

So when must a knife be cleaned and sanitized?

You must clean your knife before and after use. Cleaning it regularly would help maintain good hygiene.

Note: it is not just before and after use that you should clean and sanitize your knife.

So to learn more stick around, by the end of this guide you’ll also know why it is important to clean your knife and how to clean your knife.

Let’s get started!


Why it is important to clean and sanitize your knife

The key is to maintain sound health and so to do this you must clean your knife as often as possible.

Many food residues could find their way around your knife and if it is not cleaned and sanitized then there are high chances of it dealing with germs and bacteria.

Not cleaning or sanitizing the knife could dull the knife thereby decreasing the life span.

More so, the knife wouldn’t give you a fine cut when the need arises. So now you know why it is important to clean and sanitize your knife, let’s learn when you must clean and sanitize your knife.

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When must a knife be cleaned and sanitized

  • Clean your knife after unboxing it. You shouldn’t use your knife right away after unboxing it. it is not hygienic
  • Clean after use even if you are the only one using a knife. You would want to come back to a clean knife.
  • Clean after using for multiple purposes. Furthermore, clean your kitchen knife even after using it for a specific purpose.

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How to clean and sanitize knife

To clean and sanitize a knife is not tasky; however, you would have to be meticulous about your knife.

1. After use, you could use warm and soapy water to wash your knife.

2. It is safe to hand wash it, so try not to wash the dishwasher. It is not dishwasher safe.

3. Always air dry or pat fry after washing

4. Wash every other thing your knife comes in contact with; the cutting board and knife blocks

5. Sterilize your knife.

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What you shouldn’t do

  • Do not soak your knife in a soapy water
  • Do not put them in a drawer
  • Try not to sharpen your knife constantly.

How often should you clean and sanitize your knife

So now you know you shouldn’t only clean after use. Using your knife regularly matters a lot. However, specifically, you should be able to clean before and after use.

Whether you have multiple knives for different purposes or just one knife for different purposes, a Knife requires as much attention as other kitchen utensils.

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It is important to clean and sanitize your knife on regular basis. You must be intentional about your utensils. You cannot afford to play fast and loose with your tools.

To increase the life span of your knife you must know how to clean and sanitize your knife. You’ll only have to stick to this guide.

Now that you know when to clean and sanitize your knife, do it repeatedly.

Have a nice time caring for your knife.

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