What Dulls a Knife the Fastest? (Find Out)

One thing to bear in mind when using a knife is that knives are specially designed to finely cut food items.

Having to use one knife to do all the tasks in the kitchen is not such a bad idea until you start using it for other tasks that are capable of dulling it.

Other than that, there are some precautionary measures that you might take that would dull the knife.

A dull blade will not perform properly and will end up tearing your food items instead of slicing or cutting them.

So what dulls a knife the fastest?

Using your knife to open boxes, cut ropes or clothes can dull the knife. The list might seem endless. So read on to know what could dull your knife and reduce the life span generally.


What dulls a knife the fastest?


1. Using your knife to cut non-food items is not advisable unless you intend not to use them in the kitchen. However, whether or not you decide to take it away from the kitchen utensils. Such acts could still dull your knife.

2. Sharpening the knife the wrong way .sharpening your knife is such a good way to maintain the blades. However, doing it the wrong way might render it counterproductive. Especially when you use stones.

Use a specially designed device to decrease or eradicate the need to use a knife sharpening stone.

3. Cutting the blade on hard objects. Be careful or meticulous while choosing your cutting board. You could decide to only use your kitchen knife for cutting items. Nonetheless, cutting your food items on a glass cutting board could dull the knife.

4. Washing the knife in a dishwasher is wrong. it could not only dull the knife but end up damaging your dishwasher.

5. Leaving your knife in soapy water. It might seem so thoughtful to leave your water in soapy water because you intend to remove some food crumbs around the blade.

It is important to note that not only is it harmful to the knife but for you too, as you may cut yourself in the process.

6. Dumping your knife in the drawer. This dulls the knife as other kitchen utensils could cope in the drawer.

7. Not air-drying or pat drying before keeping the knife. This could cause your knife to rust.

Now that you know a bunch of what dulls a knife fastest. What happens when a knife is dull, let’s find out.

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What happens when a knife is dull?

  • A dull blade does not cut, it only tears and plows.
  • A dull knife might end up slicing into your hand.
  • Worn out blades will end up cutting your food items

Tips to keep your knife sharp

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Every other activity other than cutting food items could dull the knife and cause it to perform poorly, now that you know this avoid using your knife for any of these purposes.

Yes, most certainly your knife wouldn’t last for a lifetime, unlike other kitchen appliances or utensils. However, you can choose to maintain it by following the little tips provided in this guide.

Do it repeatedly to get a rewarding result.

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