Is Glass Cutting Board Bad For Knives? (Well Explained)

Glass cutting boards are one of those kitchen utensils that could grace your efforts and even reduce tasks. They are arguably your go-to cutting board since it doesn’t give room for debris and other buildups unless, of course, the user becomes negligent about them.

This is more likely to work best for a person that kneads dough, rolls out a pie, and cuts out cookies.

Is glass cutting board bad for knives? Well, No! it is not advisable to use glass cutting boards for cutting food items. Glass cutting boards have a hard surface that never permits the safety of your kitchen knives.

In other words, a glass cutting board is bad for kitchen knives. If you want to know how bad glass cutting boards are for knives, read on! You’ll also learn why and how to maintain your kitchen knife.

Let’s begin.


How bad is a glass cutting board for knives?

Any cook could attest to the necessity of having a cutting board as well as knives in the kitchen. This is because you are sure to make jaw-dropping meals with sharp knives and a clean cutting board.

However not all cutting boards are meant for knife use.

Glass cutting boards are capable of dulling your knife since your knife cannot cut through it. at worst it would reduce the life span of the knife.

This could cause your knife to tear raw food items instead of cutting them.

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Why is a glass cutting board bad for knives?

Glass cutting boards are protectors and so are not used as chopping or cutting boards.

The glass cutting board is relatively too hard for knives. They have no grip and in the long run, would ruin the blades of your knives.

So if a glass cutting board is bad for kitchen knives which cutting board is acceptable for your knife?

The best cutting board for your knives

Bamboo is nice for chopping food items. They are not necessarily wood. However, they are harder and fast-growing. So it is easily renewable.

Woodcutting board– these are relatively the best cutting board for chopping specific food items. It is considered a must-have in the kitchen.

They are hard and porous so they could easily absorb anything you put on them. And these make it susceptible to bacteria.

Plastic cutting boards– while great cooks might recommend this. Note: They can absorb more bacteria than wood so using them for a very long time would certainly show all the battered cuts.

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How to maintain cutting board and knives

  • Wash your cutting board and knife by hand
  • Use dish soap to wash your cutting board
  • Air dry or use the towel to dry the cutting board and knife after use
  • Neither soak your cutting board nor the knife in a soapy water
  • Avoid washing both in a dishwasher. They are not dishwasher safe and friendly
  • Use food-grade mineral oil to maintain your cutting board.

You could easily avoid having a dull knife by doing these to maintain your knife.

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Conclusion: Is Glass Cutting Board Bad For Knives?

Now you know how bad glass cutting board is for your kitchen knives. You could replace them with a wood cutting board. However, remember you can knead doughs and do many things with your glass cutting board.

In other to maintain the lifespan of your kitchen knives be sure to avoid hard objects. More so, your kitchen knife would do a great deal if you maintain them.

Be sure to refer back to this guide.

Good luck finding the best cutting board for your knife.

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