How Long Do Kitchen Knives Last?

Like every other kitchen utensil, a kitchen knife is a tool that you cannot overlook in the kitchen. You can use a kitchen knife to prepare a whole lot of meals in the kitchen. From veggies to meat. Sure you would want a fine meal on your plate.

However, with these entire tasks kitchen knives are susceptible to dulling. And this is capable of reaching their life spam.

How long do kitchen knives last? Well, your kitchen knife can last for some years or even a lifetime! If used properly.

Some factors would determine how long your kitchen knife lasts. And in this guide, you shall know them. So go nowhere…

Without further ado let’s begin!


What depreciates the life span of a knife?

kitchen knife

It is possible to use a knife to complete many tasks in the kitchen or you can use different kitchen knives for different purposes. Either way, you would have to make sure to avoid some activities as they are capable of depreciating the life span of your knife.

Let’s see them

1.  Washing your kitchen knife in the dishwasher- You should not wash your knife in a dishwasher. It is harmful to the dishwasher and vice versa.

2. Cutting bone or other hard objects- your kitchen knife is designed for cutting soft food items; fruits, meats, and vegetables.

3. Cutting food items on hard objects –Glass cutting board. Cutting soft food items on hard objects depreciates the life span of a kitchen knife or knife. 

4. Cutting frozen food or ice forcing the blade of your knife across frozen food slows and depreciates the life span.

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What else depreciates the life span of a knife?

These and more could dull your knife and make it not last long. Your knife should certainly give you signs of dulling so you know if they need replacement or sharpening. Below are the signs.

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Signs your knife needs replacement or care

  • The handle is not stiff
  • You do not feel comfortable using your knife
  • The rivets come loose
  • The tip is bent or broke
  • The blade has big chips

Your knife can become bad if you ignore any of these signs.

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How to make your knife last long

There are just a few things you could repeatedly do to ensure your knife lasts long.

  • Always hand washes your kitchen knife
  • Do not leave the kitchen knife in your sink for so long. This could be harmful to you as well. Imagine running your hand in the soapy water to find another utensil. You should avoid cuts by doing this.
  • Allow the soap to stay in water for some seconds to kill germs or bacteria
  • Use a soft sponge or brush to scrape whatever food crumbs that are on it. Then either pat dry or air-dry your knife before keeping it.
  • Remember the longer your knife stays in water the more it is prone to rust
  • Store your knife carefully –use knife blocks or magnet bars.
  • Use the food-grade mineral to increase the lifespan of your knife. The oil cannot increase the life span of your knife. So worry less.

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Conclusion: How Long Do Kitchen Knives Last?

Your kitchen knife has a certain life span. The blade will get too dull in the long run even if you use the knife well.

However, the blade will get dull faster if you do not maintain them. Your kitchen knife is capable of doing more harm and damages if misused. Nevertheless, this cutlery does great wonders during meal preparations.
So like every other utensil in the kitchen you should give it a special kind of attention to maintain it.

Refer back to this guide to fully carry out the process.

Good luck!

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