Why Does It Sound Like Running Water Under The Kitchen Sink?

If you encounter some unusual noise coming from under the kitchen sink you might be forced to call it a leak. However, noises like running water indicate the drain is in trouble.

And this would make you question “why does it sound like running water under the kitchen sink?”

One of the reasons for such sound would be that the drain is blocked with some kind of debris or mineral deposits and would cause water to drain more gradually than usual.

If this is the case, then you would experience some noise under the sink for a long time, especially if you do not attend to it.

It is important that you decipher this sound so you would repair it without the faucet or drain running into further problems.

Let’s help you!

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Is it normal to hear some noise under the kitchen sink?

Certainly, it is not normal to hear some noise under the sink especially when the sink is not in use. However, you might want to look closer under the sink so you are not forced to conclude what the problem is.

It is also possible that the noise is not coming from under the kitchen sink. So, we advise you to check other fixtures. And after close examination and you still hear the sound coming from the kitchen sink then you must know this.

There are other noises you might hear under the sink, and you must note the noise before attempting to fix or call any plumber. Let’s see these noises!

Other noises that you might hear under the sink

While some noise would indicate that you need to repair your drainpipe or even the kitchen faucet, let’s learn some of the other noises.

Gurgling sound– if you hear a gurgling sound from under the sink then it is possible that your drain pipe is clogged. The sound might even continue and gradually transit to bubbling sound, the vicious cycle continues.

So long as the pipe is clogged, all the drains connected to the clogged drain line will drain slowly and so you would come back to the sink that you used 30 minutes ago and still find out the water is still draining.

And sometimes depending on your kind of activity and the amount of water that you used in the sink it might take a long time before it stops.

Another reason for a gurgling sound is that the drainpipe is not getting enough air or not getting any air at all to help with the flow of water.

Vents would ensure water flows through the drain evenly to assist in drainage. So as water flows through the drain some air should pass through the vent so it flows properly.

So if there is no air or not enough air, this is the sound you are likely to encounter.

Dripping sound and running sound- if your drain makes a dripping sound then the problem might be leaking from the pipes. When the drain pipes leak then you hear a dripping sound.

To know if your sink is dripping, you should check underneath the sink to see if there are drops of water on the cabinet.

If this is so then you should place a container under the sink. This would prevent the water from dropping directly under the sink and weakening the cabinet.

And even if there are no visible leaks, then maybe there are internal leaks in the drainpipe that you do not know of.

Now that you know all these, what should you do when you hear noises under the kitchen sink?

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What you should do when you hear a running water sound under the kitchen sink

1. You should first turn off the water valves under the sink

2. And if you still hear such noise then turn off the pipe that allows for water in the kitchen

3. If you cannot place your head around the problem it is best to a certified plumber. The water may be destroying your walls.

4. Try not to guess the problem, we don’t advise that.

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Conclusion: Why Does It Sound Like Running Water Under The Kitchen Sink?

In this article, you would find out answers to your question “why does it sound like running water under the kitchen sink.

Remember whatever the case might be, try to call for help, otherwise, you’d end up spending more just to fix a problem that you should have avoided.

Cases like this, you shouldn’t take them lightly. Try to check the other fixtures in your home to see if the same problem still occurs.

Hopefully, you get to fix the problem sooner!

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