What Number Is Simmer On A Gas Stove? (Answered)

You know simmering is fairly easy if you take out the demanding tasks that come with some recipes.

If you are wondering what number is simmer on a gas stove then you may have stumbled on some meals you cannot wait to have in your recipe books.

Well, the number for simmering is usually below the medium heat. However, as stated you might want to learn more than a few things about simmering dishes if you intend to make mouth-watery dishes even it is your first time simmering the food.

You would learn also;

  • The temperature for simmering
  • How to know the number for simmering
  • How to know the liquid is simmering
  • And so many more!

Let’s begin!


What temperature is for simmering dishes?

As you may know, it is important to know the right temperature for making meals. The temperature for simmering dishes is between 185 to 205F. Sometimes it might be hard to detect this temperature especially if it is your first time.

So let’s learn the number for simmering dishes on a gas stove.

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Numbers for simmering on a gas stove

Originally the number on the gas stove ranges from 1 to 9. Find the control knob right at the gas stove and note that. Ensure you master your gas stove as everything would boil down to you knowing your gas stove.

Since the number ranges from 1 to 9, the 5th number is the number for medium heat. So from 1 to 4 is low heat whilst from 6 to 9 is high heat, quite simple right?

What if your gas stove doesn’t come with a number? You can easily carry out some tests on your gas stove.

After turning on the gas, try to move the knob anti-clockwise and perhaps vice versa to note which is low heat and high heat. This quick expedition should be carried out carefully.

Ensure you are trying this out by having some water in a pot. This would grant you the chance to know your gas stove.

Now that you have figured it out bravo! Let’s simmer your dish!

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How to simmer the dish?

It is ideal to boil the liquid first if you want to simmer your dish. Once the dish is boiling, you should be able to see bubbles though depending on the heat level.

If the dish is boiling with medium heat you can lower the heat by adjusting the temperature to 2 or 3. It could be quite hard to know when a dish is simmering. So whilst you have done your best by adjusting the number so the food simmers.

You might find it daunting especially if it is your first time. What do you do? It is best to watch the dish you are simmering to know.

How to know the liquid is simmering

Try to check the food you have simmering, you should be able to detect some bubbles in the liquid. This simply means the dish is simmering.

Note: there shouldn’t be many bubbles popping from the liquid, otherwise consider the liquid still boiling, if it is so try to adjust the temperature a bit more, till you get it right.

One more thing!

What if you have thick or metal cookware?

It is one thing to learn how to simmer your dishes, however not knowing how your cooking wares work might disrupt the very process of simmering.

So it is important to note your cookware responds to heat. Stainless steel is a poor conductor of heat, so it is important to understand your cookware, if you do, you would be able to walk around everything.

So for cookware that is poor conductors of heat. You would need a high temperature to boil and as well simmer your dish. You can use numbers relatively higher than 2 or 3 to simmer the dish.

For cookware that are good conductors of heat like aluminum be sure to adjust the heat.

Further tips

As you may know, constantly opening the pot to add ingredients or as much check the dish might affect the simmering process. So always adjust the temperature.

Some recipes might involve slow simmering and rapid simmering and sometimes even boiling right in the middle of simmering. So ensure you follow the rules to get a rewarding result.

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Conclusion: What Number Is Simmer On A Gas Stove?

Now you know what number is simmer on a gas stove, you must also be aware of how your gas works and how your cooking wares react towards heat. Knowing when to slow simmer or rapid simmer is essential too.

Now, this might seem quite tasky especially if it is your first time trying to simmer that jaw-dropping meal. However, if you go by the book you would achieve more and in less time!

Check if you have alternatives that might not be demanding.

Have a good experience simmering your dish!