Skillet You Can Put In The Oven

“Most skillets are oven-safe” let’s guess, you already that. So this certainly means you cannot get every skillet out there into the oven. So you are curious to know the skillet you can put in the oven.

Do you know that stainless skillets, carbon steel, copper as well as cast iron are highly oven-safe? Yes, they are! With an average maximum temperature of 500°F, they would be able to tolerate this heat for some time.

What’s more? Well, hold on because in this guide you will learn the skillets you can put in the oven.

Shall we?


Can you put all stainless, carbon, or copper skillet in the oven?

stainless steel skillet

Some of these skillets may not be able to deal with the heat that comes from the oven to an extent.

If the pan has a silicone or plastic-wrapped handles then it is not oven-safe. More so, some pans that have wooden handles are not oven-safe. These pans can only be used on the stovetop or gas top as the case may be.

Other pans that you can put in the oven

Some nonstick pans are oven safe however it is advisable not to have the pan stay in the oven with a temperature above 500F.

If the owner fails to pull out the skillet after it has surpassed the temperature, then the heat would degrade the coatings and release harmful fumes.

So if you are cooking with a non-stick pan it is important to know the temperature to which they can tolerate heat.

Some of the pans can tolerate heat up to 500°F, however, any temperature exceeding from 560°F to 570°F might be dangerous.

Pro tip: ensure you check the recommendations listed on the packaging or the manufactures website before you put it in the oven.

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How to know if your skillet is oven-safe

Originally, if the handle of the skillet is steel it is oven-safe. If the handle is not silicone wood or plastic, then the skillet is oven-safe up to 350°F

You can simply refer to the manual that comes with the skillet. In the manual, most of the safety information related to your cookware is there.

So you need not worry.

If you still want to be sure of the skillet to get when you are considering the best one for your oven, then read on to find out.

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List of some oven-safe skillets

  • The misen carbon steel with the oven-safe temperature of up to 900°F
  • The caraway cookware ceramic, non-stick with the oven-safe temperature up to 550°F
  • The all-clad D3 stainless steel with an oven-safe temperature of up to 600°F
  • All-clad HA1, non-stick with the oven-safe temperature up to 500°F
  • Misen, non-stick with the oven-safe temperature up to 450°F

From the list above you should see that some of the skillets can exceed 500F temperature. Some stainless steel can even reach 800°F. Some high-quality carbon steel frying pans can handle temperatures up to 1200°F.

And hopefully, you now see that all carbon steel cannot have the same tolerance level for heat.

Simply put, the relative heat tolerance of any skillet that is oven-safe would vary by brand and material.

There are some precautions you must follow when picking skillets that you intend to put in the oven.

Some precautions

  • Do not guess the tolerance level of the skillet. Use the manual
  • It is ideal to keep a close eye on the food
  • Try not to leave an empty skillet in your oven
  • You would not want to harm yourself during the process. So use protective before pulling the skillet out of the oven
  • Try as much as you can to avoid sudden temperatures.

Now that you know all these which skillet should you proudly go for?

Though the non-stick skillet is designed for the oven, some non-stick pans with plastic handles would melt and lead to melting and worst a ruined meal. Such acts can utter the taste of your meal.

If you do not leave them at a high temperature then you shouldn’t experience any troubles.

It is advisable to go for a stainless skillet however whatever skillet you have or intend to get ensure it is oven-safe.

Read the guide that comes with the skillet intently to know the tolerance of heat.

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Conclusion: Skillet You Can Put In The Oven

Hopefully, you have learned all there is to know on the skillet you can put in the oven. You would only have to be careful when choosing the skillet that you intend to put in your oven.

Remember to follow the guide intently to follow the precautions this is to avoid mistakes.

Avoid using skillets with wooden or plastic handles it would not only melt but ruin your food.

Good luck choosing the right to put in your oven!

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