Water Filter Before Or After Water Softener (Well Explained)

It is important to have either a water filter or water softener in the household for some reason.

While the water filter promises clean water for drinking and other activities, water softener helps to eradicate hard water and the disadvantages that come with it.

However, one thing may lead to another that would warrant having them both in a home. And in most cases you would see people ask water filter before or after water softener?

Truth is the both due to some circumstances might find themselves before or after each other. So depending on the situation at hand the water filter might be before or after the water softener. It is only left for us to find out about these situations.

So let’s get started!


Do You Need A Water Filter With A Water Softener?

Imagine dealing with contaminants and hard water at the same time. Every household deserves some great clean water and soft water too.

A water filter cannot get rid of hard water, however; it can assure you some clean water. Also, a water softener can wedge war against hard water and emerge victoriously, but would not do the same with contaminants.

Simply put, you need a water filter and water softener if you are dealing with hard water and contaminants. More so, if you have hard water and doubt how secure it is to have safe drinking water, then you should unapologetically install a water filter too.

Do not worry; you can do that in a flash you’ll only have to learn how to install a water filter.

Before w dive right you should learn how water filter and water softener works.

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Things To Note About Water Filter And Water Softener

Water filter and water softener are two different devices designed to carry out some specific tasks as stated above. But how do they work?

Water filter as you may give us some clean water by removing impurities as well as contaminants from the water.

Note: the water filter would not promise 100% clean water, however it is better than not having it at all.

Water softener as the name implies softens hard water by removing the calcium and magnesium that are in hard water.

In case you think you can deal with hard water. Here’s a must-know. Hard water causes scale build-up, allowing it to enter the appliances reduces the life span. So you can as well save your faucets some extra life.

The limescale is the cause of the hardness in calcium and mineral deposits.

So now you know all these, let’s find out whether the water filter should be before or after the water softener.

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Water Filter Before Or After Water Softener

Remember we said you could install the water filter or water softener before or after each other depending on some situations.

If the turbidity of the water is relatively high, consider installing the water filter right before the water softener.

So one thing is if you install the water filter before the water softener, it extends the life of the softener by removing chlorine.

If you use city water the water filter should go before the softener, however, if you are using well water the filter should go after the softener.

If you install the water filter after the softener, it would prevent any of the softening resin from the softener.

It is important to note that whatever you choose would depend on your specific water source and what you want to achieve with your filtration system.

Some water filters, whole house filtration systems might advise installing water filters after the softener. After everything, the key is to have not just clean water but some soft water safe for every activity in the household.

You can get to find out about the quality of your water by getting a water report from the local water provider if you intend not to spend a lot having the water filter and softener.

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Whether you install your water filter before or after water softener would depend on the kind of water you use as stated above and perhaps your preferences.

Before installation, it is important to get some guidance on how to install a water filter as well as a water softener. This would guarantee the safe running of your water.

Hopefully, this clears your curiosity about the water filter before or after the water softener.