Can You Convert a Double Kitchen Sink to a Single?

No doubt, it would be quite disturbing to maintain a double kitchen sink that won’t fit in some things, especially when you are handling quite a lot in the kitchen.

So you wish you could do something about your double kitchen sink.

Can you convert a double kitchen sink to a single? Well, you can convert a double sink to a single sink. However, converting to a single sink might be an expensive way one or the other.

Read on to find out why converting a double sink to a single one might be expensive and what you can do if you are looking forward to converting your double kitchen sink to a single sink.


Why do people convert from double sink to single sink?

The single sink would offer a large space to do your work in the kitchen effortlessly. Most of the bowl sinks come having this depth that is quite accommodating allowing for other activities. You’ll only have to use a bowl in the sink for demarcation.

Single sinks furthermore are more useful for things like washing large pots or food items.

More so, most people that are so eager to change the dynamics of their kitchen would technically go for the single sink.

Converting double sink to single sink seems a whole lot of fun until it would have to be practical.

Let’s see why converting from double sink to single sink might be hard.

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Why converting double sink to single sink might be hard

Usually, depending on the size of the double sink, it could be hard to find the right measurement for the single sink.

So it would be most of the time hard to find a single bowl sink that will fit the granite cut out.

There might be a plethora of options to choose from; under-mount, drop-in, farmhouse, flush mount. However, It might be hard finding a single sink that is a match for the replacement.

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What to do when trying to convert a double kitchen sink to a single sink

Well, converting to a large single sink from a double sink is not hard if you should contact the right unit.

Ensure you’re purchasing the correct dimensions for your current countertop cut-out.

For overmount or drop-in sink, the measurements would have to be exact. Ensure you are precise about the size.

Here’s a must-know; some manufacturers may not offer the services that you require. However, it is possible to have a custom sink made to fit the dimensions you need.

So what should you do? It is best to call a countertop unit with the specifications of the kind of sink that you have.

Well, brace up because most certainly they would want to provide top-notch, so a lot of questions would require the right answer. And don’t be shy to say your preferences.

Your choice could be expensive depending on the sink you choose to replace the sink with

So it is best to communicate with them and allow them to show you the designs that might fit best in your kitchen.

If you know the model number that might be a plus for you as the company would help prepare specifications of the kind of single sink that you would need.

So to get it right you need to make some considerations.

There are other considerations to make when trying to convert a double sink to a single bowl sink. Let’s see them.

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Things to consider before converting a double sink to a single bowl sink

Budgeting: You must check if you would be able to spare some money to convert your double sink to a single sink.

Spacing: Ensure the space in your kitchen allows for such.

Ensure you make the right choice, whether you have the spared money or not, you cannot afford to pay twice.

That is why it is advisable to contact the company to customize a single bowl sink for you. Make sure you are precise with your answers.

This way you are guaranteed to at least spend only once.

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Conclusion: Can You Convert a Double Kitchen Sink to a Single?

With the help of most companies, there are a lot of things that are quite possible. You’ll only have to be sure of what you want.

Ensure you would not regret converting your double sink to a single sink. Remember to come in contact with a countertop company speak to them about your specifications, be precise.

And over time you would stand at your kitchen door watching your once double sink as it is now a single bowl sink.

Good luck!

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