Kitchen Faucet Sprayer Not Working (Quick Fix)

Having a faucet sprayer separately installed in the sink can reduce the task of the faucet as you can safely use the sprayer to clean and do dishes.

And now out of the blues, the sprayer would not work which has increased the job of the faucet. And this might leave you wondering how it came to be.

Is your kitchen faucet sprayer not working? There are a few reasons for this;

1. Mineral deposit building up in the faucet

2. A clogged diverter or even a damaged diverter.

So it would not be entirely your fault that the faucet stops working. We would help you fix your kitchen faucet sprayer in a nick of time.

Let’s begin!


How to fix kitchen faucet sprayer that is not working

kitchen faucet sprayer

Diverter- the faucet sprayer can stop working if there is blockage or damage; this would disrupt the flow of water and would eventually affect the sprayer if ignored.

To solve- get a wrench or plier, remove the faucet unit and access the diverter. If it has not suffered any wear or damage, simply clean and replace it.

In most cases, it is very useful to have a new one handy just for cases like this.

Damaged aerator- this is mostly the reason faucet or faucet sprayer would stop working. It could be hard to know whether the problem is coming from the aerator.

A sign of a damaged aerator is first the water pressure would gradually reduce. And if nothing is done the aerator would get clogged entirely and then affect the sprayer.

To fix this: unscrew the head of the sprayer to clean the aerator. Soak the aerator in white vinegar or lemon juice to remove any mineral deposits.

After you are done cleaning the aerator, test it before fixing back the sprayer. If this is not the problem then check the hose.

Damaged hose- if your hose is damaged it would not affect the sprayer but the faucet itself. Though this is dependent on which hose is affected. It is ideal to fix the problem.

To fix this: examine the hose for any signs that something is damaged. You might need to remove the hose to be sure nothing is wrong with it.

Check the nuts- it could be hard trying to troubleshoot, so check to know if the nuts are properly screwed.

To fix this: it could be that the nut needs some replacement. So, replace the parts that need some replacement.

More so, it could be that the nuts and some relevant parts of the sprayer are now loose

To fix this: tighten the nuts. You can learn how to tighten the kitchen faucet nut under the sink.

If none of these seems to be the problem, then try cleaning the sprayer.

To clean the faucet sprayer- dismember the entire sprayer unit and clean all the parts that require cleaning.

Wrong parts- having to get every part that makes up the kitchen faucet from different manufacturers is pivotal until some issues arise.

To fix this: ensure you get the whole parts from one manufacture, so you won’t have a hard time troubleshooting.

All these are potential reasons your kitchen faucet sprayer is not working.

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Why is it important to troubleshoot?

At some point, you might be forced to apply any precautionary measure, just because you want to see your kitchen faucet sprayer work well.

However, before anything, try to trouble to know the problem so you do not engage in some quick-fix solution.

More so, you could land your faucet sprayer into more problems if you do not troubleshoot.

If after all this your faucet sprayer still doesn’t work, then consider changing the faucet sprayer.

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Conclusion: Kitchen Faucet Sprayer Not Working

Through the help of this guide, you can place your hand on many things that would contribute to your kitchen faucet sprayer not working.

Before anything ensure you run some troubleshooting, that way you get to fix the problem without any hassle or inviting more problems in the process.

If fixing the faucet sprayer is what you fear doing, you now have a whole guide on how to fix the kitchen faucet sprayer that won’t work.

Just follow this guide and be sure to fix your kitchen sprayer in a nick of time.

Good luck!

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