Can you Burn Mold off a Grill?

Who doesn’t like the idea of making sweet barbecued steaks, hotdogs, burgers, chicken, and some vegetables attached to them during an outdoor event?

You have imagined a great event with your friends. So you surprise them with some smoked meal.

But then, you remember cringing at the sight of the mold on your grill.

And you wouldn’t want to revisit the grill until you get rid of the mold.

So you now ask “can you burn mold off a grill?”

You can burn mold off your grill. However, it would require some level of heat and precautions that you shouldn’t ignore.

Herein in this guide, you’ll learn what causes mold and how you can burn mold off your grill!


What causes mold on the grill?

Mold is a fungus that cannot stay clear from a moist environment. It could be quite relatable tracing what brings about mold in any environment and even on your grill.

You might have done everything possible to avoid mold from finding its way on your grill.

However, it could be somewhat unavoidable because there are some things you could proudly do without knowing it could result in calling on molds.

Let’s quickly see them

Lack of ventilation

As you may know alongside moist, high humidity, damp areas molds can be trapped in environments that lack ventilation.

So while you might have avoided moist, molds must have found their way due to lack of ventilation. Do you want to know what aids molds growth due to lack of ventilation? Lid

Lids prevent rust on your grill; however, they may lead to the growth of mold on your grill. How does this happen?

By the time you cover your smoker with a lid, this leads to poor air circulation and this gets to trap moisture on your grill.

Molds grow and thrive in a poor air circulated area and because the lid disrupts the flow of air it is unavoidable to have mold gradually build up on your grill.

So refusing to allow the moist evaporate after cleaning would make it dry thereby forming molds and at worst your grill might rust.

Should you not cover your grill?

Not exactly, perhaps you cover it too early. You should aerate the grill before covering it.

However, if you have a stainless grill you need not cover it or if the grill is well painted you could bypass covering it. Unless for the cases of preventing dust.

If for any reason you have thought to smoke meals on the mold without cleaning it. Here are reasons you shouldn’t

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Why you must get mold off your grill

The key is to use your grill and come back to use a fascinating grill. Therefore you must be intentional about it, at least for the sake of your health.

1. Clean your grill if you intend not to alter the taste of your smoked meal.

2. Clean your grill if you intend not to battle with any disease.

3. Cleaning your grill extends its life span

4. You would reduce the chances of calling out on repairers or for possible replacement

5. Cleaning your grill keeps rodents at bay.

Now you cannot wait to get rid of the mold?

Let’s burn that mold off your grill!

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How to burn mold of a grill

Follow these processes to get a rewarding result.

Prep your instruments

Get your gloves and mask on! Is it necessary to wear these? Yes, it is, mold spores are something you don’t want to come in contact with. It could result in skin reactions and might cause allergic reactions if you inhale them.

Remove your charcoal

If you are using charcoal add fresh charcoal to heat the grill this will encourage a high temperature. Heat your lava rocks or briquette if you use any of them.

To what temperature should you heat your grill? To kill the mold on the grill, heat it to 140F

Heat the grill for about 15 minutes. Do not scrape or scrub your grill at this point so you do not inhale mold spore. Let your drill cool.

Scrap out every mold on the grill. You can also spray barbecue grill cleaner on the grill or make a warm soapy solution with baking soda. Rinse the grill after washing it with a pressure washer.

Reheat your grill

To not render your efforts futile heat the grill again so there is no soapy or food residual left to form mold on your grill.

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Conclusion: Can you Burn Mold off a Grill?

Burning mold off your grill shouldn’t be hard with this simple to follow guide

Now you know you can burn mold off your grill, make sure to follow all the processes, so you get a rewarding and steady result.

  • Remember to always clean your grill after use.
  • Dry the grill with a cloth and still reheat
  • Please do not use a corrosive substance like chlorine on your grill.

Good luck burning that mold off your drill!

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