Why Does a Tomato Knife Have Two Points?

Do you know a tomato knife that offers two points that can make cutting, slicing tomato easier and more fun than it already is?

Unlike any other knife, the tomato is designed in such a way that it cut through the tomato skin without much pressure and without squishing them when they are perfectly ripe.

With the first look, you will notice the serrated edge on the tip of the knife, then you gradually start to wonder, why does a tomato knife have two points? Well, the serrated edge in a tomato knife provides more control during the cutting process.

In this article, you shall learn why does a tomato knife have two points and the purpose that it serves.

Let’s begin.


What are the Two Points on a Tomato Knife?

two points tomato knife

A knife is designed in such a way that the edge and spine of the blade come together to meet, which is the point of the knife. In a tomato knife, the point splits into two serrations. The two points design has its purpose.

Please note. There are different types of points at the edge of a knife, e.g., clip pointy, needlepoint and drop point, etc.

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Why Does a Tomato Knife Have Two Points?

A tomato knife with two points is of great benefit for people who love food recipes containing tomatoes. They make slicing the chopping tomato so much easy and fun. There are just two reasons behind a tomato knife having two points.

Let’s quickly go through them.

To lift slices of tomatoes:

When you are slicing tomatoes, you will need to lift or remove the tomato cuts from the cutting board. In a case where you don’t want to use your hand and you want to avoid bruising or damaging the tomato flesh. You will need a tomato knife with two blades.

Two points tomato knife will easily get through the flesh and gently lift tomato from the cutting board without damaging the flesh. This will be difficult for a single knife, as it will not be able to grab slices well.

To Pierce and score the tomatoes:

The core of a tomato is the first you remove before cutting. If it’s not removed properly, you will damage the inner part of the tomato.

The two points on the tip of a tomato knife will allow you to easily go through the upper surface of the tomato to remove the core, without damaging the inner part of the tomato.

However, this can be quite difficult to do properly with a single point, no matter how sharp the blade is.

To assist the tip

The tip is the forward part of a knife’s edge and also part of the point, which stays under the point. The tip is used during a detailed cutting and chopping process.

A double-pointed knife will give better performance, as you can carefully operate on dedicated cutting or chopping.

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The two-point tomato knife is a great kitchen tool to have, as Piercing, scoring, or lifting the cut slices of tomatoes is such an effortless task.

 A tomato knife does not have to be for tomatoes only, you can use it on other fruits.it is worth investing in a two-point tomato knife, It has amazing benefits to enjoy for your money.

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