How Long Does Sun-Dried Tomatoes Last In The Fridge?

Sun-dried tomatoes are super tasty. So if you want to change the taste of the basic tomato sauce you’ve always made, try it out!

Sun-dried tomatoes are highly beneficial, as they are rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. They last longer than fresh tomatoes if you preserve them well.

Sun-dried tomatoes are susceptible to spoilage if you do not store them well. Originally, sun-dried tomatoes are safe if you store them in a cool and dry place. They could last for 1 to 2 years. However, what happens when you put them in the fridge?

Can you store sun-dried tomatoes in the fridge? Well yes! So, how long does sun-dried tomatoes last in the fridge?

You shall find out here in this guide!


What kinds of tomatoes can you sun-dry?

how Long Does Sun-dried Tomatoes Last In The Fridge

You can make sun-dried tomatoes from any type of small tomato. So, if you have the chance to make any choice, you may cut the tomatoes in halves or quarters.

Sprinkle some salt to dry the moisture then sun-dry for about 4 to 10 hours. You need to learn how to make sun-dry tomatoes for optimum results.

How long do sun-dried tomatoes last?

Tell you what? Sun-dried tomatoes are easy to preserve. So even if it is your first time trying to sun-dry and preserve your tomatoes, you would enjoy the process.

If you treat your sundried tomatoes well, then the tomatoes can last for a very long time. Whether you choose to preserve it with sunflower oil or olive oil, it can last for 1 to 2 years.

How long does sun-dried tomatoes last in the fridge?

Freezing your sun-dried tomato prolongs their life span. However, without proper storage and care, this would cause spoiling or shortening of their life span.

So, sun-dried tomatoes would last for up to 2 years depending on how well the tomatoes get treated and sun-dried. More so, if your refrigerator is in its optimal performance, the sun-dried tomatoes would surely last.

However, this would not be the case once the tomato seal is opened but be rest assured that your sun-dried tomatoes would last for years in the fridge.

Now that you know how long sun-dried tomatoes last in the fridge, it’s time to know how to store them properly.


How to store sun-dried tomatoes in the fridge

It is not such a difficult feat to store sun-dried tomatoes in the fridge. You can either store the sun-dried tomatoes in a fridge with air-tight containers or zip-lock bags.

Whatever your choice is, pack a good amount of sun-dried tomatoes in any of the carriers and then safely put them in the fridge. If you are using an airtight container, then you might need some oil. However, this could be tasky when it is time to use the tomatoes.

For zip lock bag. Ensure you squeeze out the air in it before stuffing the sun-dried tomato inside it. Store your sun-dried tomatoes in large quantities. But it is not good to store the tomatoes in the same container.

What does this mean?

This means that you would always thaw the tomato so you can separate the tomatoes. This is because the tomato is stuck in the oil or stuck together.

Thawing stored tomatoes is not right. What do you do?

It is ideal that you keep the sun-dried tomatoes in batches. It is not a problem if you cannot store the tomatoes in batches too.

How can you store sun-dried tomatoes?

  • Spread some tomatoes on a large sheet
  • Place the sheet gently in the fridge. Would this not occupy the fridge? Oh yes, it would, but the idea is to allow the tomatoes to block without coming in contact with one another.
  • Get a bag or glass container with airtight lids
  • Pack the blocked tomatoes. This way it would be way easy to use.

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Be careful not to store your sun-dried tomatoes for too long. Again, any day you choose to use your sun-dried tomatoes, check if it is still safe.

Go back to our guide on how long does sun-dried tomatoes last in the fridge. We are glad we have treated this in this guide.

Pro tips: do not let the sun-dried tomatoes come in contact with metal. Glass containers are always top-notch.

Good luck preserving your sun-dried tomatoes.