Potato Side Dishes For Jerk Chicken (7 Tasty Side Dishes)

Nothing would sit perfectly for lunch or dinner as jerk chicken. This Jamaican dish is a good stand-alone meal. 

However, there are side dishes that complement jerk chicken to make it a full-course meal. Great food connoisseurs combine veggies and carbohydrates to crown the jerk chicken a balanced diet.

Furthermore, we cannot deny that potato is a go-to side dish for a lot of meals including jerk chicken. So whichever way you choose to serve it, you are sure of a delightful day!

So in our guide today we would reveal potato side dishes for jerk chicken.


Can all potatoes fit for a side dish for jerk chicken?

spicy grilled jerk chicken on a plate

In truth, all potatoes are good side dishes and would compliment a lot of meals. But, all potato side dishes might not complement jerk chicken.

That’s why we would hold you by hand to show you what potatoes side dishes work for jerk chicken.

Note: this does not mean that a good number of potato side dishes will not go well with jerk chicken. So you can as well go ahead with your expeditions.

After all, the idea is to find which potato side dish best complements your jerk chicken. Potato side dish, which would satiate your taste bud and crown your efforts.

If you are wondering what potato sides dishes are good for jerk chicken let’s have a list of them.

List of some potato side dishes for jerk chickens

  • Roasted potato
  • Potato salad
  • Microwave baked potatoes
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Pan-fried potatoes
  • French fries
  • Fried sweet potatoes

Potato side dishes for jerk chicken

1. Roasted potato 

roasted potato

How about some roasted potato for some roasted chicken. Whether you are preparing for a picnic or you just want to have some jerk chicken for a lunch. Try it out with some roasted potato. It is not just crispy. It is soft and a good match for your jerk chicken.

If you find delight in making things fancy, then add some toppings. Learn how to roast potatoes for your jerk chicken.

2. Potato salad

potato salad

If you enjoy salads a lot, this would fit your jerk chicken. Now you have another meal you can enjoy your salad with.

The taste is appealing and rewarding as well. So try out this recipe. If it seems hard, you can learn how to make potato salad.

3. Mashed potatoes

mashed potatoes

This is so simple to make. And you do not need a long guide to follow. Just mash your cooked potatoes. Yes, it is that simple!

When your potatoes are done cook lower and then mash the potatoes. If you want to get it right you would have to learn how to make mashed potato for a full course meal.

4. Fried potatoes 

fried potatoes

Whichever potato you choose to fry, try it out with jerk chicken. It would make a great meal.

Fried potatoes are not just great for only barbecued fish. So make it a side dish for your jerk chicken.

5. French fries 

french fries

This is yet another potato side dish for jerk chicken. A bowl of French fries for ketchup is such a genuine delight. But, have you tried some French fries with jerk chicken?

Fry your potato on low heat for it to gradually turn golden and crispy. You can add spices and creams to get that yummy taste!

6. Microwave baked potatoes 

It’s a whole new adventure with microwave baked potatoes. So if you don’t want to cook or fry your potato, you can bake it in the microwave.

7. Fried sweet potatoes 

fried sweet potatoes

You can spice up your lunch with some fried sweet potato and jerk chicken.

Slice your potato nicely and fry on low heat to give your potato that golden look. This would make your lunch such a sight to behold.

These are potato side dishes for jerk chicken. Other than potato side dishes are there other side dishes for jerk chicken? Of course, there is!

Though this Jamaican popular dish fits well with potato, other side dishes would leave a remarkable experience. Let’s have a list of them.


List of other side dishes for jerk chicken

Remember that at the beginning of this guide we recommend you try out some other potato side dishes. You are not just testing your culinary skills you are also adding to your food menu!

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These are potato side dishes for jerk chicken; we guarantee that they would reward your efforts. And of course, even if you are not comfortable with one there is always the one you would find worthy.

So if you are confused about the potato side dish for jerk chicken, read the guide again to see what works for you.

If you are creative you can decide to be flexible with some food as well, who knows you might end up with another recipe.

And until then, good luck with that.