Do Sun-Dried Tomatoes Go Bad In Oil?

It is relieving to have sun-dried tomatoes plentiful. After all, they sure add some extra juice and delight to your sauce.

Even at this, having them plentiful would require you to store them safely in the oil. Storing in the oil is a way to go. But you ask, do sun-dried tomatoes go bad in oil?

Well, sun-dried tomatoes in oil would last from 1 to 2 years. Sun-dried tomatoes in oil, however, will go bad over time. But fret not; the tomato would still serve its purpose before it goes bad unless it is not in good condition.

So let’s learn;

Why sun-dried tomatoes go bad in oil, how to know when sun-dried tomatoes go bad and the acceptable conditions to safe-keep your sun-dried tomatoes in oil.


Why do sun-dried tomatoes go bad in oil?

Do sun-dried tomatoes go bad in oil

One of the major reasons sun-dried tomatoes in oil go bad is because of improper storage. So, sun-dried tomatoes in oil won’t last for long if they are not in the right condition.

Sun-dried tomatoes in oil will go bad if there is a bacteria infestation.

So let’s say you stored your sun-dried tomatoes well. Would it still go bad? Unfortunately, storing sun-dried tomatoes is not even a guarantee that they won’t go bad. But it is a guarantee that it would last over a year.

Simply put, sun-dried tomatoes in oil will go bad when they reach their life span.

So how do you know your sun-dried tomatoes are going bad? Let’s find out!


How to know when sun-dried tomatoes go bad in oil

There are a few signs you would notice and this would tell you that the sun-dried tomatoes are going bad.

  • The most common of them all is rancid oil. Once sun-dried tomatoes are going bad the oil will turn rancid and it would become unsafe for consumption.
  • You would notice that mold is slowly forming and spreading in the tomato. Mold is usually one of the noticeable ways to know some food is turning bad or already bad.
  • Foul smell: over time, the tomato will smell. You might not find out if the tomato is a room away from you. The air-tight container is best at keeping secrets. However, it would be disappointing when you need the tomatoes for a quick meal.
  • Taste: it might be difficult to detect any of this if the tomato looks rich and perfect. Well, not until you have a taste of it. Tomato has a bit of a sour and sweet taste. But if the tomato is completely sour and dissatisfies your taste bud, then the sun-dried tomato is bad.

What to do when oil-packed sun-dried tomato goes bad

As you may know, sun-dried tomatoes in oil would go bad, and this is unavoidable. But what would you do when your sun-dried tomatoes are not safe anymore?

Simply discard the tomatoes. Indeed, the tomatoes won’t make up for anything good, so do away with them. Otherwise, you take a huge chance on your health.

You can choose to keep the containers in case you need to get yourself some sun-dried tomatoes again.

Now you know sun-dried tomatoes in oil go bad, what signs to look out for and what to do when it goes bad. Let’s get into how to make sun-dried tomatoes last long.


How to store sun-dried tomatoes in oil

  • You should store your sun-dried tomatoes in a quality oil. However, before that get a clean jar, an airtight container is safe, so air doesn’t introduce bacteria to your sun-dried tomatoes. You must get quality oil. It would reward your effort by making the oil and the tomatoes last longer.
  • If you want to enhance the flavor of your sun-dried tomatoes then deep them into vinegar. This would also prevent mold from growing in the tomato.
  • Ensure that the oil covers the sun-dried tomatoes; this would discourage any kind of moisture or air in the container.
  • Package and tighten the container,
  • Safe keep in a cool and dry place.

Going contrary to these would result in having rancid oil or some mold growing in the oil.

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Conclusion: Do Sun-dried Tomatoes Go Bad In Oil?

Proper storage is the key. What can be more than maintaining safety and good health? Know when to get rid of your tomato when it gets bad and is unsafe.

We have answered the question do sun-dried tomatoes in oil go bad?

Hopefully, you follow this guide intently to get a rewarding result.