Are Roma Tomatoes The Same As Plum Tomatoes?

Also known as Italian plum tomatoes, Roma tomatoes are great and popular tomatoes that we can find in stores and markets.

Even when there are varieties of tomatoes, often time’s people would mistake one for another.

So, are Roma tomatoes the same as plum tomatoes? No, indeed Roma tomatoes come from the family of the plum. However, this also does not mean that all plums tomatoes are Roma tomatoes.

In this guide, you will learn why Roma tomatoes are called plum tomatoes. More than that, you will learn how to differentiate Roma tomatoes from other plums.

So let’s begin


Why Roma tomatoes are called plum tomatoes

roma tomatoes on the vine

Though Roma tomatoes are only but one amongst the many varieties from the plum family, why do people call them plum tomatoes?

Well amongst all other varieties of plum tomatoes the Roma tomatoes are mostly in demand. Some other plum tomatoes include; ropreco paste, San Marzano, Amish Paste, and more!

However, this does not beat the fact that Roma tomatoes are quite popular in the stores and would not run out of demand anytime soon.

It is one of the varieties of tomatoes that are best for preparing mouth-watery tomato sauce. They are flavorful!

This is why people are overly familiar with Roma tomatoes. And now, they comfortably use them interchangeably.

So you now see that comparing them is not difficult, again simply put all plums are not Roma tomatoes but all Roma are plums.

Since this is the case it would be tasky trying to identify Roma tomatoes from other varieties in the market. How do you identify Roma tomatoes amongst hundreds of them? Let’s find out!


How to differentiate Roma tomatoes from other plum tomatoes

plum tomatoes on the vine

Generally, plum tomatoes are soft and tender. So every tomato that falls under plum tomatoes is soft and also tender.

So to find Roma tomatoes, ensure you are looking forward to getting the soft and tender ones. But of course, there’s more.

Roma tomatoes are large and oval. Roma tomatoes contain a few seeds in them; they also do not have too much liquid in the tomatoes.

Roma tomatoes have firmer flesh and when they are ripe, they are all red and plump.


What can you prepare with Roma tomatoes?

There are a lot of dishes you can make with Roma tomatoes;

  • You can make a delicious stew
  • You can make a great sauce
  • Some tomato paste too!

There are simple basics. So to explore your Roma tomatoes, you can make these meals;

  • Tomato and basil soup
  • Cherry tomato and some bell pepper soup
  • You can have them roasted too
  • Tomato rosemary
  • Tomato salsa

Sun-dried tomatoes 

  • Use them for some quick snack
  • Toss them onto a light salad
  • Make your sandwich flavorful

And if you have some extra, store it in the fridge.

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Conclusion: Are Roma tomatoes the same as plum tomatoes?

Surely, it is easy to mistake one tomato for another. After all, their differences are almost impossible. However, we hope we have answered the question are Roma tomatoes the same as plum tomatoes.

More so, you can now differentiate Roma tomatoes from a lot of varieties in the market. You can even get yourself some delicacies with some Roma tomatoes.

Remember to safely store in the fridge or refrigerator respectively depending on the time you plan to reuse.

Good luck!