Pull Down Kitchen Faucet Not Retracting

For as long as there is use for the faucet in the kitchen it would most times run into some issues.

Most of these issues should not cause you to fret. You can successfully fix some of the problems yourself with a detailed and easy-to-follow guide.

Is your pull down kitchen faucet not retracting? Your pull-down faucet might seem non-retractable after pulling it down.

You pull the faucet and it drops and does not go back up. There are a few reasons this could be happening. And who says you need a plumber to fix it whilst you can do it yourself.

Let’s help you out.


Why pull down kitchen faucet will not retract

pull down kitchen faucet

If you have dragged your pull-down kitchen faucet down and it won’t go back up then it could be that the hose found underneath the sink is not positioned well.

Also, there is a black piece known as weight that is always clamped against the hose. Check for its position. It shouldn’t come all the way down there is a yellow band that is around the hose.

The weight should be clamped near the tape. Perhaps your hose is spoilt too.

What to do when the pull-down kitchen faucet is not retracting

It is best to troubleshoot the faucet to be sure of the issue before diving into any precautionary measure.

Look under the sink, meanwhile, you might want to go with torchlight, it could be dark down there.

If the hose is not properly located then it’s time to fix it.

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How to fix a non-retractable pull-down

First off check the counter to see if there is anything preventing the hose of the kitchen faucet to relax all the way down. If it is so, then do this;

Give room if you have anything in the way of the hose. Whatever prevents it from relaxing under the sink should be shifted.

After this go back to the sink, check your pull-down faucet. The problem is resolved.

What if my hose is damaged?

Okay, If, however, your faucet is damaged or perhaps leaking water then read on to fix it easily

How to fix damaged pull down kitchen faucet

What you need. You need a hose kit, wand screen, an O-ring kit, and an adjustable wrench.

As you may know, you can change the hose of your faucet.

Step 1: Clean out the under the sink, if there are some drops of water under the sink, clean them up so you would be able to know if the problem is solved.

Get a flashlight so you can be able to see your work.

Step 2: Right under the sink there are valves, there may be more than two. Hot and cold water valve and then the garbage disposal valve. Turn off the hot and cold water valve.

Do not worry about the garbage disposal valve.

If there is no valve under the sink, then turn off the main valve in the house.

Step 3: Find the weight clamped onto the hose, unclamp the weight to release the weight from the hose.

Step 4: Find a quick disconnect, press the button to disconnect the hose. Having done this, you can now pull the hose from the sink until it’s all out.

Step 5: Remove the faucet head from the old hose by unscrewing it. Remove the wand screen and O-ring if they are still good.

If you have a hard water scale then this is the right time to get them off the sprayer, to do this soak in white vinegar for a couple of hours. This would get rid of the hard water scale.

Step 6: To install the hose back, put the wand screen, and then the O-ring, take the new hose and move it anti-clockwise, tighten with an adjustable wrench.

Step 7: Take the new hose and put it back to the faucet as you have removed it. Find the quick-disconnect. Remove the protective cap, and place it back to the disconnect.

You would hear a click sound showing it’s in the right position, retract the faucet head, by pulling the hose from the counter all the way down.

Place weight back. Ensure you test the faucet, make sure it retracts.

Turn on the valves; cold and hot. Test the faucet for leaks.

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Conclusion: Pull Down Kitchen Faucet Not Retracting

Fixing any faulty appliance only requires a good easy-to-follow guide and some little effort from the owner.

Now that you know why your pull-down faucet is not retracting, you can always try your best to clear the counter.

Most importantly you can fix a non-retractable pull-down kitchen faucet like a pro!

Good luck!

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