7 Best Substitutes For Rice Flour In Banneton

To achieve a non-sticky consistency in your dough, rice flour is always the way to go. Rice flour is a gluten-free flour that offers a subtle flavor and allows for the dough to have a balanced structure and texture.

If you want your banneton to appear stronger then use rice flour. However, if for some reason you end up with sticky dough, then the number one culprit is excess water.

Most of the time it could be that the flour used is not suitable for the dough. That’s why it’s better to use flour that is produced specifically for bread baking.

So, what if you cannot get a hold of rice flour but need some flour for your dough. There are a few flours that are great substitutes For Rice Flour In Banneton

Let’s find out about these flours.


Best substitutes for rice flour in banneton

Since rice flour is filled with protein that helps hold dough without making it sticky, the best substitute for rice flour in banneton is flour that has protein in it.

It is important to replace your rice flour with any flour that contains protein. And these flours should be able to hold the structure of the dough to prevent it from sticking.

How to know the best substitute flour for rice flour

It could be hard searching for the best substitute for rice flour in markets if you do not know the contents of any of the flour.

For a start, search for the flour that has protein in it. For every pack of flour, the contents are detailed on the pack. To know the exact substitutes to look out for, keep reading to find out!

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Substitutes for rice flour in banneton

For the sake of clarity, we would discuss gluten-free substitutes for rice flour. This is because originally, rice is gluten-free. And it is easy to assume that anybody looking for substitutes for rice flour is in essence looking for gluten-free substitutes to suit the recipe.

So shall we?

For Gluten-free recipes

1. Sorghum flour

sorghum flour

Sorghum flour is a gluten-free that would grace your efforts in any gluten-free recipe. Apart from sorghum flour being a great substitute for rice flour in banneton, the health benefits are mind-blowing.

Sorghum is a grain from the grass family. Sorghum bicolor is the botanical name of sorghum; it is also known as great millet. Sorghum is one huge dietary staple for many people in many countries. And although it is drought-tolerant it would require a little water to grow.

Some of the species of sorghum are planted as cereals or for human consumption and others are planted as pastures for animals.

Sorghum is ground into powder to get sorghum flour. Sorghum flour has a mild and slightly nutty flavor that makes it adaptable to the recipes that call for it.

It is great for baking as well. So it is a great substitute for rice flour in banneton. You would only have to adjust the quantity you intend to use.

2. Coconut flour

coconut flour

Coconut flour is another great substitute for rice flour in banneton. Coconut flour is quite flavorful and could easily shine through any recipe because of its aromatic nature.

Coconut flour has many health benefits that you cannot afford to ignore. A good number of people use it to bake to get the best out of their efforts. It is also gluten-free.

Although coconut flour is great flour if you need to thicken your dough, it absorbs liquid very well and might require that you add more eggs to your recipe.

So it is important you add a little at a time to get the best out of it.

3. Almond flour

almond flour

Since it is a protein in flour that helps maintain the structure of the dough, almond flour is a way to go. Almond is a gluten-free seed that would sit fine for gluten-free recipes. And amongst most nuts, it has one of the highest protein content.

Almond is versatile because many people use them for so many things. Did you know that almonds can be turned into milk? Almonds are super good for your heart as well!

It is quite great for the skin, little wonder many people use the oil on their skin and the hair also.

More than that, Almond is ground into flour and a lot of people use them for baking. So talk of a great substitute for rice flour in banneton, talk of almond flour.

4. Tapioca flour

tapioca flour

This is yet another wonderful substitute for rice flour in banneton. Tapioca is just a starch gotten from the root of the cassava plant. It is versatile and many people use it for so many things. Tapioca has many health benefits.

Tapioca would help strengthen your dough. People consider it one of the best substitutes for rice flour in banneton. One thing special about it is that it is gluten-free, so if you are on a gluten-free diet, go for tapioca flour.

It is a good thickener too! And this makes it a great substitute for so many recipes.

5. Potato starch

potato starch

Potato starch is extracted from the root tubers of the potato plant. Potato starch is gluten-free and is an excellent substitute for rice flour in banneton.

It is primarily used to thicken watery meals. This is why people see it as the best substitute for rice flour. It would help prevent the dough from sticking.

Ensure you add in little quantity until you get your desired result.

6. Corn starch

corn starch

Many people consider cornstarch as the best substitute for rice flour in banneton. Corn starch is an essential ingredient in most kitchens. It is a great thickener too.

It is known for the plethora of health benefits that it offers. It can replace a lot of gluten-free flour in many recipes.

Rice flour does not absorb so much water content in recipes; hence it is virtually the same as corn starch.

Non-gluten free

If you do not have issues with the recipe being gluten-free or not then it’s time to try out different flour.

7. All-purpose flour

all purpose flour

All-purpose flour is a great substitute for rice flour in banneton. It is versatile and though it is not gluten-free it is nutritious and with plain and subtle flavor. it can adapt to recipes that call for flour.

All-purpose flour is a great thickening agent too!

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In this guide, we exhausted the best substitutes for rice flour in banneton. Sorghum flour, coconut flour almond flour, tapioca flour, potato starch, corn starch, and even all-purpose flour are great replacements.

It is best you check which flour would work best for you, the same flour that would give you the same consistency.

Finding a substitute for your dough would be quite easy if you know what you want to achieve with it.

Good luck finding the right substitutes.