10 Best Substitutes For Provolone Cheese

Cheese is a wonderful food that is made from buffalo milk or cow’s milk. And some are even made with goat milk. The taste varies from mild to rich taste depending on the maturity.

Provolone cheese is one cheese that is flavorful and the nutritional profile is admirable. It’s an Italian cheese that is made from buffalo milk or cow’s milk.

Provolone cheese can complement many dishes, as it offers a savory taste for it. But this does not mean that you cannot replace provolone cheese.

Finding substitutes for provolone cheese is quite easy. However, there are a few things to look out for when searching for substitutes. This would help you make the right choice.


Things to look out for when finding substitutes for provolone cheese

First off, look out for cheese with a mild, sweet taste and milky appearance, yet filled with a strong aroma.

  1. Provolone cheese made from buffalo milk is sweet, with this irreplaceable milky appearance. However, if you are intentional about finding the right substitute, then you will. Provolone has a powerful aroma too, so look out for substitutes with a powerful aroma.
  2. Provolone cheese has this rich, yet buttery and creamy texture. It is semi-soft, which helps when you are ready to have it. So, look out for substitutes with a rich, buttery, and creamy texture.
  3. It is also the rubbery texture of provolone cheese that makes it bite-able and enjoyable as well. So if you are looking for substitutes for provolone cheese, it is best you go for cheeses that are stretchy.
  4. Depending on which recipe you want to have your cheese in; it is best you find substitutes that fit into your recipe without affecting the taste of your meal.

So are you ready to learn about the excellent substitutes for provolone cheese? Well, let’s head on it!

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Substitutes for provolone cheese

1. Mozzarella cheese

mozzarella cheese

Many people consider this cheese one of the healthiest cheese ever known. Mozzarella cheese is a special cheese that is native to southern Italian; it is made from Italian buffalo’s milk.

You can also make mozzarella cheese with cow’s milk or goat. However, buffalo milk mozzarella cheese is more nutritious than mozzarella cheese made with cow’s milk and goat’s milk.

Mozzarella cheese like provolone is soft and has this milky and savory taste. Although it is slightly sour, it is still an excellent substitute for provolone cheese.

Mozzarella also has a stretchy texture. The curd is mixed with some heated whey, and then the curd is kneaded until it gets a smooth and acceptable consistency.

And just like provolone, cheese would change to light yellow after adding seasonings.

2. Gouda cheese

gouda cheese

Gouda cheese is native to the southern regions of the Netherlands. It is made from cow’s milk. This cheese is known for its aromatic and creamy texture.

Gouda cheese is quite smooth with this pale ivory color. It can easily improve the sight of a dish, depending on the maturity of Gouda cheese.

The flavor would range from mild to strong flavor. More so, the flavor and color of the aged Gouda are more defined. Although Gouda cheese is semi-hard, it is a great substitute for provolone cheese.

In case you’d love to explore the cheese, you can learn how to eat Gouda cheese, to get the best out of it.

3. Monterey jack cheese

monterey jack cheese

Because of the texture of Monterey jack cheese, you can consider it the best substitute for provolone cheese. Oftentimes, shortened as jack, Monterey jack cheese is a California cheese made with cow’s milk.

Renowned for the mild flavor and slight sweetness that can easily improve when aged. Monterey jack cheese has this semi-soft texture that is quite stretchy and accommodating.

The aging time for Monterey cheese is from 1 to 6 months.

4. Fontina cheese

fontina cheese

Do you want another Italian delicacy that is fit to replace provolone cheese? Well, a fontina cheese has a semi-soft to hard texture. And this buttery, rich yet nutty aroma makes it a great cheese.

The firm texture is like provolone; the flavor is virtually the same as provolone as well.

It is a cow’s milk cheese, and originally it belongs to Italy. However, like wildfire, the popularity of Fontina has gone beyond Italy. It is gaining ground in places like Denmark, Sweden, France, and United States too.

Most of these places produce and incorporate Fontina in their recipes. Well, unlike provolone, Fontina is not pasteurized, and it has more fat content than provolone and mozzarella. The fat content is about 45%.

Also known as fontal, or fontella, Fontina cheese has many excellent benefits with its mild and savory flavor. You can trust it to be an excellent substitute for provolone cheese.

5. Cheddar cheese

cheddar cheese

Another cheese that has similar textures to provolone cheese is cheddar cheese. More so, people consider this as the UK version of provolone cheese. It’s sharp and has a savory flavor, so it is a great substitute for provolone cheese.

Remember, these cheeses go through the aging process. So, the young cheddar is more appropriate to replace provolone cheese. This is because the young cheddar has this semi-soft texture compared to the matured cheddar.

6. Parmesan cheese

parmesan cheese

Parmesan is also an Italian cheese that is made from cow’s milk. It is an excellent source of vitamin A, and D.

Parmesan was named after the region it was first produced. Although it is a hard cheese, it has an acceptable texture, taste, and aroma that make it a great fit for provolone cheese.

Note: if you wish to make parmesan cheese almost the same as provolone cheese mix it with a mild cheese.

7. Edam cheese

edam cheese

Edam cheese is yet another great cheese that can substitute provolone cheese. This cheese is native to the Netherlands; it has a semi-hard texture that is easily adjustable. Edam cheese is made from cow’s milk or goat allowing this semi-hard cheese to reach its savor.

So, if you are with provolone cheese but cannot get a hold of the cheese, then settle for Edam cheese.

8. Emmental cheese

emmental cheese

Also known as Swiss cheese, Emmental cheese is a nutritious cheese that can just into a lot of recipes. It has this medium-hard texture, yet is creamy and quite aromatic.

This taste ranges from mild to sweet flavor. It is fruity and relishing. However, this would depend heavily on maturity.

9. Gruyere cheese

gruyere cheese

Gruyere cheese is an excellent source of vitamin B12, calcium, vitamin A and proteins.

It is renowned for its creamy, salty, and nutty flavor; nevertheless, the flavor would vary depending on the age of the gruyere cheese.

Gruyere cheese is also an excellent substitute for provolone cheese.

10. Manchego cheese

manchego cheese

If you cannot get a hold of other substitutes, then Manchego cheese can come in. It is made in La Mancha of Spain, hence the name Manchego.

Manchego cheese is made with cow’s milk. It has this firm and concentrated consistency.

Depending on the age of the manchego cheese, you would either have a mild or rich taste. Younger cheese has a rich and grassy flavor while older manchego has deeper notes of flavor and aroma.

How do these substitutes fit in?

Well, it is better to know how best to use these substitutes.

For flavor- it is best you use Fontina cheese, Gouda cheese, and mozzarella cheese.

And if you want the substitutes for topping, then use Parmesan. You can use Emmental, Edam, or Fontina in case you want cheese dishes.

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It is not entirely tasky to find great substitutes for any ingredient or dish.

However, we are glad and hopeful that you can greatly use these substitutes.

For different reasons, you might decide not to settle for a good number of these substitutes. However, there is always a substitute for all and sundry. You can find excellent substitutes for provolone cheese.

So, good luck with that!