5 Best Mustard Powder Substitutes

What can be more than an ingredient that is spicy and as well, aromatic to make up for a meal?

Mustard powder is a great ingredient that enhances the flavor of any dish. And because it is quite spicy, it is an outstanding ingredient in Asian and Middle Eastern dishes.

Mustard powder is ground from mustard seeds. And the mustard seed could come in brown, black, or whitish-yellow. This wonderful spice would make up a savory dish.

For recipes that call for spicy and aromatic flavor, the mustard powder can easily come in.

However, many things can come in the way of getting that spicy taste in your recipe. If you do not have mustard powder to relish your dish then the only option is to find befitting replacements.

And, we have compiled a list of mustard powder substitutes that would fit in your recipe without altering the taste.


What can substitute mustard powder?

Mustard powder is spicy and aromatic and at that, would need a spicy and aromatic ingredient to replace it. Sometimes it could be hard to find one spice that is both spicy and aromatic.

So what happens in some cases where you cannot find that one spice? Well, you could use spices that complement each other, just to make up for mustard powder in whatever recipe, you want to make.

How easy it is to find mustard powder substitute

Since the mustard powder is not a combination of several ingredients it would be easy to find great replacements that can easily fit the recipe that calls for mustard powder.

So, you would only need to find the spice that can make your recipe spicy and aromatic as well.

However, this does not mean that all of the substitutes would have the same flavor and consistency as the mustard powder.

So be ready to adjust the quantity to either increase or maintain the taste of your meal.

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Mustard powder substitute

Sit tight to learn about these amazing mustard powder substitutes.

1. Horseradish powder

horseradish powder

Horseradish is a root vegetable from the Brassicaceae family. It is an amazing ingredient that most people use as condiments to spice up their meals. Horseradish is quite rich in antioxidants and the health benefit is second to none.

Horseradish is related to mustard since they are from the same plant and have similar tastes. The difference is that mustard is from the seed plant while horseradish is gotten from the root.

More so, horseradish has a strong taste that could cause you to tear when it comes in contact with the tongue. Many people would advise you to mix it with vinegar to reduce the hotness.

So horseradish is a wonderful mustard powder substitute that can fit in any recipe. However, since the spice is strong add a little at a time until you achieve the desired result.

Where can I find horseradish powder? Finding horseradish powder is super easy, a lot of supermarkets or grocery stores house horseradish whether as a vegetable or stored in a jar as a condiment. The only thing you need to do is to grind it into powder.

2. Prepared mustard

prepared mustard

Prepared mustard is a ready-to-eat condiment that is packed in a jar. Although the main spice is a mustard seed you can add salt, vinegar, and other spices into the mixture.

After which the potency of the taste would be affected. The taste could range from mild, to spicy. And since the base of this condiment is mustard seed it is a great mustard powder substitute.

There are types of prepared mustard so it is best you know which works for your recipe and use it in the right proportion.

3. Mustard seeds

mustard seeds

Mustard seeds are not powder so how is it a great substitute for mustard powder. Well, as you may know, the mustard powder is ground infrom mustard seeds.

Kitchen lovers and most people that enjoy the goodness of this spice would advise you have mustard seeds stand by. So if by any chance you run out of mustard powder you make mustard powder out of mustard seeds.

It is even better to have mustard seeds on your spice rack because the potency of mustard powder bought from grocery stores is not the same as the one made at home.

So the taste of homemade mustard powder supersedes the taste of mustard powder sold in the market. More so, you are aware of the ingredients you are adding to your mustard powder.

4. Wasabi powder

wasabi powder

Also known as Japanese horseradish, wasabi is a plant of the family of Brassicaceae. Many people mistake wasabi for horseradish. They both have a strong taste and appear spicier than mustard powder.

Wasabi and horseradish belong to the same family as mustard but they are not the same.

Wasabi powder is made from the ground root of the wasabi plant. And it is another great mustard powder substitute.

5. Turmeric


If you are ready to use mustard powder but cannot get a hold of it, then turmeric is another substitute for mustard powder.

Turmeric is popularly known for its bright color. Use turmeric to cook rice in case you want the rice to come appealing.

So, if the color would not be any issues then you can replace your mustard powder recipe with turmeric.

Frequently asked questions

What is the best substitute for mustard powder?

The best substitute for mustard powder is mustard seeds, and even horseradish or wasabi. This is because they share a similar flavor.

Although wasabi and horseradish are spicier than mustard powder they are great substitutes for mustard powder.

Is horseradish powder and mustard powder the same?

No, horseradish powder and mustard powder are not the same, although they are from the same plant and share similar flavors they are not the same.

Moreover, horseradish is spicier than mustard powder.

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In this guide, we have listed and discussed the best mustard powder substitutes. Before finding a good replacement for mustard powder, you should know which spice would work best for your recipe.

It’s super easy to find any of these spices. So whatever you decide to use for your recipe, ensure you use it in the right proportion.

So now you know about the substitutes for mustard powder go ahead and make your meals.

Good luck picking the best substitute for the intended spices.