9 Best Substitutes For Cassava Flour

The versatility of cassava flour is mind-blowing, and to crown it all, it is gluten-free. This is surely good news for those that are on a gluten-free diet.

So in most cases, because of the nutritional value, benefits, and expensive characteristics, it seems irreplaceable.

However, we are glad to inform you that there are plenty of substitutes for cassava flour. Whether you want the cassava flour for thickening, baking, or pasta, there is a substitute for all and sundry.

So sit tight because we would discuss and reveal to you excellent substitutes for your cassava flour. Above all, this guide would be in sections to help you navigate your way around the flour that best suits your recipe.

Are you ready to explore? Let’s begin!


What you need to know about cassava flour

Cassava is one of the drought-tolerant plants that are grown in Africa-Nigeria. It is one of the third sources of carbohydrates after rice and flour.

And though Nigeria is the largest producer, Thailand and Indonesia are the biggest exporters of cassava. It is the reason for the wide consumption of cassava-based dishes. It is also the chief source of carbs for people in many countries.

Cassava has a nutty and earthy flavor. Cassava complements a good number of dishes while offering this umami flavor that seems quite irreplaceable.

What can you cook with cassava flour? You can have many cassava recipes to replace with a strict routine. You can make some; 

  • Mashed cassava   
  • French fries  
  • Cassava chips  
  • Cassava cake and a lot more!

 Now all this does not mean that without cassava flour, you cannot make that meal or thicken your sauce.

And, of course, you can explore other available products even if you have cassava handy.

And now you know about cassava, let’s learn about the substitutes for cassava flour.

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Substitute for cassava flour

To achieve similar results and consistency in a meal, here is the best substitute for your favorite flour.

For gluten-free recipe

So let’s assume you need substitutes for the cassava flour recipe because you want to maintain a gluten-free diet.

1. Rice flour

rice flour

There is virtually nothing that rice flour cannot replace and the sweet part is that the recipe would come out unaltered. Rice flour is ground from rice, be it brown rice or white rice.

Rice flour, because of its mild taste, would maintain a sweet taste in your recipe. It would easily blend in with any recipe. Rice flour, though, is best for baking you can incorporate it into other recipes and still achieve striking results.

Adding the proportion of rice flour as the intended flour-cassava flour would not affect the recipe. So rice flour is an excellent substitute for gluten-free flour for your cassava flour.

2. Chickpea flour

chickpea flour

Looking for another great replacement for your gluten-free recipe? Well, search no more. Chickpea flour is another excellent substitute for cassava flour in most recipes.

It is choked with nutrients and contains more minerals, vitamins, and protein. It is highly recommended because it helps the digestive organs.

Don’t worry about the taste, although it is flavorful, the taste will not impede other ingredients in your recipe.

3. Arrowroot flour

arrowroot flour

If you are looking for any flour that is like cassava flour, then arrowroot and tapioca are the perfect substitutes.

Arrowroot is gluten-free it is produced from different root tubers including cassava. The tubers are ground up to a flour-like texture, and it is quite similar to cassava flour.

4. Tapioca flour

tapioca flour

The tapioca flour is very similar to cassava flour because both are ground from the yucca root. It is the best substitute for cassava flour; it would sit perfectly well for any recipe that requires the presence of cassava flour.

The tapioca flour has a slightly nutty flavor as the cassava flour. So you are free to use it for your baked foods. It is also gluten-free.

5. Almond flour

almond flour

If you are looking for versatile flour that would easily blend into the cassava recipe without impeding the taste, then almond it is.

Almond is great for baking; it would reward your efforts if you use it to make gravy. The best part is it is gluten-free. No need to worry about the flavor. It has a light nutty flavor that would blend well into other recipes.

For thickening agents

So, in case you need some thickening agents for cassava flour, read on to find out about them

6. Cornstarch


Cassava, more than the sweet taste offers in many recipes is an excellent thickening agent. So what would you do if you do not have cassava flour?

Well, cornstarch is known for its ability to thicken any watery meal without altering the taste as well. So if you are looking for any flour to replace cassava like this, cornstarch is a better replacement.

7. Potato starch

potato starch

Is it not obvious that most of this starch does great as thickeners? Potato starch is yet another great substitute for cassava. If you need to thicken your sauce, chili, or soup, you can use potato starch.

For non-gluten-free recipe

If you decide to choose not a gluten-free recipe, then these are the best substitute for cassava flour.

8. Wheat flour

wheat flour

The wheat flour, though, is none gluten-free; it is a substitute for cassava flour if gluten is not a problem. The flavor is adaptable and would give room for other ingredients.

Wheat flour is formally gotten from wheat and this would blend into a lot of recipes. You can bake some bread with wheat flour, even some dough.

9. All-purpose flour

all purpose flour

All-purpose flour is indeed the flour than can easily replace any flour in any recipe, except that it is not gluten-free. So if you are not on a gluten-free diet, then all-purpose flour is a great place to start.

Many people recommend all-purpose flour in baking recipes; it is a great thickening agent as well. So, all-purpose flour is another wonderful substitute for cassava flour.

How to know the best substitute for cassava flour

There is no better way to know the best substitute for your cassava flour than knowing where you would need cassava flour and at what proportion.

If you need cassava as a thickening agent, then replace your cassava with good thickening agents. And if you need cassava for your gluten-free recipe, then simply identify the flour that would best suit your needs.

Frequently asked questions

Are soy flour and soy powder the same?

Many people mistake soy flour for soy powder, but they both are quite different. Soy flour is roasted after grinding. This is to improve the taste of the flour and also help the digestive organs, while soy powder is ground in powder form after cooking the soybeans.

So no, soy flour is not the same as soy powder.

Is cassava flour the same as arrowroot?

Since arrowroot shares the same root with cassava, you might ask, are they the same? Well, arrowroot is not the same as cassava flour. Though both arrowroot and cassava come from the same tropical root vegetable root, they are not the same.

This is because they are not from the same plant.

Is tapioca flour and cassava flour the same?

No tapioca flour is the same as cassava flour. While tapioca flour is gotten from the starch from cassava, cassava flour is gotten from the whole root. Tapioca flour is a great thickener too.

Yes, both complement the other and would easily replace the other in any recipe that calls for it. However, you would have to be sure it is the best replacement.

Can you use cassava flour for a non-gluten-free recipe?

Although cassava flour is gluten-free, it would sit fine for any recipe, whether gluten-free or not a gluten-free recipe. So use your cassava flour for your recipe and be sure to make the best out of it.

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So whether you are making a gluten-free recipe, none gluten-free recipe or you simply want to thicken your meal, there are wonderful substitutes for cassava flour.

Remember that it is better you know what you want to achieve with cassava flour in your recipe. If you then replacing cassava flour in any recipe would be simple.

Now you know all these great substitutes for cassava flour. Find the flour that best suits your need.

Good luck replacing your cassava flour.