Will Immersion Blender Scratch Pots?

Also, known as a hand blender, an immersion blender is one of the convenient tools we all enjoy making use of in the kitchen.

Certainly, you too need a good tool to puree your soups, whip your eggs, your cream, and mash potatoes. There are a plethora of things to achieve using the immersion blender.

However, it is another thing to keep the blender off the surface of the host (i.e. the container it comes in contact with)

So, will immersion blender scratch pots? Virtually all immersion blenders would batter or scratch the surface of any container it comes in contact with.

When blending it could be unavoidable to have the blades scratch the pots, however, you can prevent it from repeating.

Do you wish to reduce pot scratches when using the immersion blender? Read on to now!


What causes immersion blenders to scratch pots during use?

Before we dive right into preventing scratches on the pot, it is vital that we first learn what brings about scratches on the pot, this way you know how best to avoid the same mistakes.

1.  Improper control of immersion blender:

If you are not able to handle the immersion during service then the immersion blender would certainly batter the pot on any slight touch. It is important to keep the blender the right way whilst in the pot.

Even a little scratch at the bottom of the pots is not good for the pot as well as the blade.

2. The size of the pot 

Using a pot that is too large or too small would guarantee scratch when using the immersion blender.

If you are using the large pot to blend your recipes you would scratch the bottom of the pot as well as the sides of the pot. Using the small pots would make you force the blender into the pot which is not advisable.

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How to stop the immersion blender from scratching the pots

You can as well call this a step-by-step guide to use an immersion blender successfully without scratches.

1. Use sizeable pots

Whether you are using pots or just about any container, it is best to use containers that are quite sizeable, remember using pots that are smaller than the recipe in the pot would make you exert some force while blending your food item.

And in the long run, you would have to brace up, because you might end up seeing more scratches than expected.

If however, you still find yourself using the large pot for small recipes then you might uncontrollably have the blender reach the bottom of the pot.

You would most times find yourself bending the pot to reach for the recipe. This would lead to some scratches too!

So use a sizeable pot for whatever you intend to whisk, puree or, mash.

2. Handle the immersion blender properly

Try as much as possible to be in control of the movement of the blender whilst allowing it to do its job. You would keep it away from scratching the pot.

3. Try to get blade guards for your immersion blender.

4. It is important to always raise the blades a little above the bottom of the pot and any other container you find your recipe in. this is mostly so if you do not have blade guards.

5. Ensure there is quite some space between the blades and the bottom of the pot so the blender doesn’t come in contact with the blades.

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Conclusion: Will Immersion Blender Scratch Pots?

Will immersion blender scratch pots? You could easily have your immersion blender scratch the pot;

  • If you don’t handle the blender properly
  • If you use a tight pot or bogus pot for your recipe
  • If you do not use a blade guard
  • If you blend reaching the bottom line of the pot

Now you know all these you can as well avoid further contact by doing quite the opposite, follow this guide and be sure to reap all the benefits.

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