Can You Slice Meat in a Food Processor? (Find Out)

Slicing meat sometimes is not a problem, until there is a need to slice it to a relatable size or amount. This seems impossible. Now you ask, can you slice meat in a food processor?

You’ve probably stumbled on great recipes that entice you, imagine having meats cut and put sparingly on the plate. ‘Paradise in a plate,’ right?

You wish you can achieve the same result to prove your potency in your culinary skills. And, in truth, you can!

Can you slice meat in a food processor? Yes, you can! And you wouldn’t need special skills to do so. You’ll only have to worry about getting the right food processor.

In this article, we will walk you through everything you need to know about slicing meat in a food processor. But first, let’s tend to this question.


Can all Food Processor Slice Meat?

frozen meat inside a food processor

Food processors are specifically designed to help you slice any food item to any size and amount as you will.

However, as the saying “different strokes for different folks” you cannot use some food processor to slice some food items, meat inclusive. Why is this?

Food processors come in various sizes and shapes. All are designed to slice your items as thick or thin as you desire. These food processors come with a slicing attachment; the thickness of your meat is dependent on the blade.

However, some mini food processors cannot slice meat. So, you would have to choose carefully to avoid unnecessary expenses.

So what if you can slice meat in a food processor?

You will need a step-by-step guide to slice your meat good. If you intend not to mess it up from the very beginning stick to this guide, shall we?

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How You Can Slice Meat in a Food Processor

Do you know you can slice meat in your food processor like a pro even if it is your first time?

Let’s walk you through the process.

1. Prep Your Meat

Get the amount of meat you would need to prepare your meal, cut the meat into small pieces, and make sure the size fits into your food processor’s lid. If not cut until it does fit effortlessly. Spread the meat in a pan or bowl. Why spread the meat? Read on to find out.

2. Freeze your meat

You are spreading the meat in a pan or bowl so you wouldn’t have a hard time separating the meat, after freezing them. Some meats are soft and as a result, may tear if you mishandle them.

How many minutes or hours should you leave the meat to freeze? Freeze the meat for about 20 to 2 minutes. This is to ensure the meat is not entirely frozen.

Why do you freeze the meat you ask? Meat is not exactly like any other food item and would need to be a little bit stiff so you have a clean cut. After all, you intend to serve a jaw-dropping meal!

3. Find your blade or attachment

You shouldn’t spend all day looking for the attachment. It simply looks like a curved blade. Carefully place this on the food processor’s base.

More so, have an adapter at hand, you may need to install your blade properly using the adapter.

4. Slice your frozen meat

Now that you are done with other processors, it is time to cut your meat.

Carefully place the frozen meat in the food processor’s lid. Be sure to keep a firm pressure on the meat to hold it against the slicing blade.

Please remember to keep your fingers off the blade; it is ideal to use the food tube to push the meat in.

After these, you might have leftovers; some tiny meats that the food processor could not slice. You can use the chef knife to do so. Well, you have your meat neatly sliced!

5. Clean your food processor

You are probably done slicing your meat. What’s next? Clean your food processor you need to come to a clean food processor ready for another use. Let it dry before carefully putting them back where they belong.

Remember to clean your environment too, so you don’t have pieces of meat lying around your kitchen.

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Conclusion: Can You Slice Meat in a Food Processor?

Now you see you can slice meat in a food processor like a pro without any fuss. If you take the time to apply the step-by-step guide on how you can slice your meat in a food processor, the process should not be much of a task.

You would only have to refer back to our guide if you experience any issues slicing your meat in your food processor.

What can be more fulfilling than witnessing ‘paradise on a plate?’

Remember to share your journey thus far. Have a great time slicing your meat in your food processor!