Can a Water Dispenser Work Without Electricity? (Find Out)

A water dispenser is another tool that encourages filtration thereby increasing the availability of clean water for drinking.

It is energy efficient and would practically save you from tons of stress; boiling water, and having to stand in wait for some cold water.

More so, you could drink some clean water on budget as you would bid table water goodbye for some time.

With all this goodness, you wish to get the same results even without electricity so you wonder can a water dispenser work without electricity.

Your water dispenser not working without electricity would depend on the kind of water dispenser you use. Do you want to find out more?

Let’s do this!


The types of water dispenser

  • Electric water dispenser
  • Non-electric water dispenser

The electric water dispenser is on the top list when it comes to the availability of any kind of water you want; hot water, cold water, and room temperature.

If you are looking forward to the cleaner version of the water dispenser then you can plumb the electric water dispenser into the water supply, this would give you a constant supply of filtered water.

You don’t have to change the water bottles out regularly.

The non-electric water dispenser this dispenser is considered compatible since you can easily move around with it.

This dispenser does not require electricity which makes them perfect for camping trips. You do not have to travel back and forth in search of clean and safe water to drink when you can have it handy.

The non-electric water dispenser provides you with a reliable source of clean water where ever you are.

Moreover, it is easier to clean and maintain, you do not have to worry about the dangers of electricity when cleaning it.

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Can water dispenser work without electricity?

The electric water would certainly need electricity to work efficiently, while you would not need any electricity to keep the non-electric water dispenser working.

The electric water dispenser is bottom loading; the electric pump is needed to pump from the water bottle through the water cooler. And without electricity, this would be unachievable.

More so it is with the electricity that the dispenser can give hot water on request.

The pump would simply not be responsive without electricity.

What would you do if you do not have electricity?

It is advisable to get a top-loading water cooler if you have no electricity. Some products would allow the water bottle to rest at an angle so water gets to flow naturally.

The non-electric water dispenser might not be able to offer most of the options the electric water dispenser offers, however it provides you with safe water for drinking.

Yes, water dispensers are more than alternatives if you are looking to have safe water for drinking whether electric water dispensers or non-electric water dispensers.

Note: like other appliances, the water dispenser requires some cleaning to keep it up and doing. So it is important to keep the water dispenser clean this encourages water filtration.

You would only have to learn how to clean the water dispenser for optimal performance.

To do so;

  • Make some solutions
  • plug the water cooler, then remove the bottle
  • You should wear some gloves
  • Keep a sponge in the cleaning solution and clean the inner surface area.
  • You don’t want to have the cleaning solution around the dispenser, so it is best to rinse it off with water.
  • Ensure you remove the drip tray and scrub it well
  • Wash your hands, dry the bottle with water
  • Place the bottle in the dispenser.
  • Ensure it works fine.

Now you know which water dispenser can work without electricity ensure you make the right pick if you want to go for it.

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Conclusion Can a Water Dispenser Work Without Electricity?

The non-electric water dispenser can work without electricity; however, it might be impossible to have the electric water dispenser run without electricity.

If you wish to have some clean drinking on a budget then consider having the non-electric water dispenser.

Remember, some electric products would allow the water bottle to rest at an angle so water gets to flow naturally even without electricity.

Good luck!

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