What You Need To Know About Trimming Knife

Kitchen utensils cannot be complete without a knife. Yes, food processors could get you some nice cut in a nick of time but the goodness of a knife cut even with small food items is what we cannot underrate.

Kitchen knives come in different sizes and shapes and each is designed for a specific task, however, some good cooks can use one for so many purposes and still have it slice through things effortlessly.

And like every kitchen knife, trimming knives are designed for a specific purpose.

If you intend to use trimming knives then sit back as this guide will walk you through what you need to know about trimming knife.


What is a trimming knife?

the tip of trimming knife

Generally, you can use a trimming knife to achieve some neat cut, slice with a food item. The trimming knife measures between 2 to 3 inches, they are narrow.

Do not underestimate them they are sharp enough and if misused could easily cut through the skin. So you might want to play spick and span when you are making use of the knife.

What is the use of a trimming knife?

Trimming like every knife has its purpose and from the description, the trimming knife has almost the length of a fluting knife and the blades are similar to honing a knife.

You can use a trimming knife to peel small products or even slice fruits just as pairing knives would. And just in case you need to get a trimming knife you can learn some things about them.

What you need to know about trimming knife

  • Before you get to hold on any trimming knife ensure to get the high carbon stainless steel.
  • More so, the paring knife could be a great alternative if you wish to use any other knife in place of a trimming knife.
  • You need to know that just like every other knife your trimming knife deserves some attention to increase the life span and productivity.
  • Trimming knives are as sharp as any knife out there and cannot be misused; remember to keep off the reach of children.
  • Trimming knives could dull or chip if mishandled.

To be able to keep your trimming clean you would have to learn how to wash, store, and care for your knife.

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How to wash, store, and care for your knife

  • Wash immediately after unboxing; you don’t want to use it just right away.
  • Wash after every use whether you have used the knife for a specific purpose or not, be sure to wash.
  • Do not soak in soapy water; this is not harmful to the knife. Imagine putting your hands in the same water.
  • And after washing it is best to pat dry
  • It is not dishwasher-friendly so avoid dishwasher at all costs. Use your hand to wash it.

To store the knife;

  • Do not keep the knife amongst other utensils
  • Clean the knife blocks where you store the knife.

To care for the knife;

  • Sharpen it when necessary
  • You don’t have to wait before use to clean them, clean them when you haven’t used them for a while.

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Hopefully, you now have a full guide to what you need to know about your trimming knife. If it’s not yet in your kitchen and you cannot hesitate to have one, then you should learn how to choose the right knife.

Meanwhile, always refer back to this guide so you have all these tips handy. Remember your trimming knife needs as much attention as would any knife of your choice. More so, they could be relatively sharp, so be careful!

So, good luck choosing the right trimming knife!

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