Can You Put Marble In An Oven? (Find Out)

Confectioners can attest to the goodness of having varieties of nice marbles to roll out dough pie crusts and other food items.

However, other than rolling dough and pie crusts, marbles can be used for other purposes

 This would include keeping food warm and even baking!

So can you put marble in an oven? Yes, you can put some marbles in an oven but would require a few do’s and don’ts, this is to ensure safety.

Stay tuned because in this guide you’ll learn as follows;

  • How much heat marbles can take
  • How to use marble in an oven
  • Why you cannot use just about any marble
  • What to do and what not to do when putting marble in an oven.

So, let’s get started.


How much heat can marbles take?


Now that you know you can put a marble in an oven, it is vital to know how much heat the marble can take.

Though marble is formed under extreme heat; it is the extreme that bonds the raw material with other minerals forming marble. This is not reversible, however, exposing the marble to a relatively high temperature could force it to crack or scorch.

Depending on the type of marble, it is always advisable to heat the oven before putting the marble in it. Do you want to know why? Read on to find out.

Why you should heat the oven before placing the marble in it

Well, unlike baking pans that can tolerate sudden temperature change, the marble cannot deal with any sudden change, otherwise, the owners stand to have cracked or broken marble in the long run.

Now how do you use marble in the oven? Let’s find out!

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How to use marble in an oven

If you are just placing the marble in a cold oven, then you do not need to worry, however, if you intend to warm up your meal with the marble or bake with it then learn how to use the marble in an oven to avoid dangers.

1. Prepare your oven and food items 

To use the marble in the oven, ensure the oven is dazzling in cleanliness. You cannot afford to have anything utter the taste of your meal.

Now prepare whatever you intend to bake, whether it is dough, pie, or anything.

2. Clean the marble stone

With a damp cloth clean your marble and make sure it is safe for use.

Warning: Do not use soap since marble is porous. The soap will in most cases give your baked meal a soapy taste.

3. Place the marble in the oven

It is time to place the marble in the oven, if you already have the oven preheated that’s okay. If not you can still place the marble in the cold oven.

Put the marble in the lower rack if it is an electric oven, and if it is a gas oven put the marble on the floor.

4. It’s time to check the marble

After some time check if the marble is ready for use. To do this, test the marble with some drop of water on top of it; if it is ready it should sizzle. You can sprinkle some flour if you do not want your meal to stick on it.

5. Now you can bake

Carefully place any food item you intend to bake. It is always advisable to follow the recipe intently so you do not burn your food item and at worse expose the marble to heat that could cause it to crack.

Now that you are using the marble in the oven, what’s next?

It’s time to clean the marble. Allow the marble to cool before you clean it. You risk burning your hand if you become impatient with it.

Why you cannot use every marble in the oven

It is always a plus if you purchase marbles that are specially designed for baking purposes. So try not to use marble tiles for baking purposes.

Precautions to take when using the marble in the oven

  • Do not expose the marble to sudden heat or flame, the marble is susceptible to burn and scorch. You can preheat the oven to 400F for about an hour.
  • Do not use soap to clean the marble; it would utter the taste of your meal.
  • Try not to take out the marble immediately after use.

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Conclusion: Can You Put Marble In An Oven?

You know have your doubts cleared on can you put marble in an oven? And as you know you can put a marble in an oven, however, you would need a few things to do to ensure safety and in this guide, you have learned all there is to know.

Be sure you are conversant with your oven that way you wouldn’t regret putting your marble in it. Please remember not to expose your marble to too much heat or flames.

Good luck!

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