How To Remove Your Microwave Control Panel (Complete Guide)

Wondering how to remove your microwave control panel? We understand, perhaps you need to check your microwave control panel or perhaps you intend to change it.

Yes, you could have some guides with the microwave but let’s own you need a more relatable guide to help you carry out this effectively.

You have a guarantee that you would remove the microwave control panel without any hassle. What do you need? You would only need only a screwdriver and an easy-to-follow guide.

This guide will walk you through removing the microwave control panel, so grab that screwdriver and let’s do this!


How To Remove Your Microwave Control Panel (Step-By-Step Guide)

microwave control panel

Now that you have a screwdriver, let’s have you follow this guide.

Step 1 

Unplug the power cord: This is very important, this is to avoid shock or further damages, so before you remove the control panel, ensure you remove the power chord from the plug.

Step 2 

Using the screw, remove the mounting screws: Just above the microwave, you would see some screws securing the grill, remove the screws.

Step 3 

After that, open the door to the oven, then slide the grill to the left and lift it gently to remove the grill.

Step 4 

Using the screw, remove the control panel mounting screw.

Step 5 

Gently lift the control panel up to detach it from the microwave.

Step 6 

This is the point you would need some caution. Note the orientation of the wire connected to the control panel. Depress the locking tabs, check to know if you must disconnect the wires.

Step 7

Remove the screw securing the grounding wire and set the control panel on a sturdy surface.

Step 8

Release the ribbon connector, and then remove the mounting screw securing the control board to the housing, now that you have the screws removed lift out the board.

Well, congratulations, you just successfully removed the microwave control panel.

What If you need to replace the control panel? Read on to find out how you can replace the control panel.

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How to replace the microwave control panel

1. To install the new control panel, prepare the control panel by removing the protective film that comes with it.

2. Ensure you insert the new switch cable through the whole of the control board housing. Then position the board in the housing. Thread the screws to secure.

3. Connect the ribbon connector

4. You can now secure the grounding wire to the control board housing.

5. Reconnect the wire to the appropriate terminals on the board.

6. Insert the control panel tabs into the slots in the frame and then gently push the panel down.

7. Replace the mounting screw to secure, insert the tabs on the frill into the slots of the frame then slide the grill to the right.

8. Re-thread the mounting screws.

9. It is time to plug the power back in, it’s ready for use.

Now you see that removing the control panel as daunting as it sounds is not really tasky. You’ll only need to follow this guide, however before then get yourself a reliable screwdriver.

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Hopefully, you now know how to remove your microwave control panel. Remember it’s a guarantee that you would carry this out successfully if you follow this guide intently.

Refer back to our guide if you should encounter any difficulty whole executing this.

Remove to remove the plug before ever using any screw on the microwave. This is to ensure safety before, during, and after removing the microwave control panel.

We sincerely hope you do it right! See you on the other side!

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