How Hot Can a Microwave Get? (Find Out)

A microwave is a go-to appliance to secure and warm up some meals. Microwaves would heat the food that’s in them and will continue to heat it so long as the microwave is on and the electricity is high enough to control it.

How hot can a microwave get? Unlike other ovens, microwaves do not have heating elements, so there’s no real highest temperature a microwave can reach.

The ideal temperature is usually 100°C. So since most foods have some amount of water, the maximum temperature they’ll reach is around 212°F which is 100°C.

Would the microwave stop heating by the time it gets to 100C? Well, read on to find out!


Would microwave stop heating when it gets to 100°C?

Though microwave is meant to reach 100°C, once it has water in them.

However, when the area of the food that’s in the microwave becomes dry the microwave may continue heating and might get to burn the food if ignored.

So yes, the microwave will continue to heat the food if it is not turned off. Perhaps suffice it to say your microwave can overheat.

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What happens if a microwave overheats?

If the microwave should experience overheating then it will shut down, it would also burn your food since it heats the food focusing on the water molecules in the food.

So it is ideal to add some ounce of water to the food in your oven, so it doesn’t get too dry and at worst burn.

Note: the inside of the microwave should not get hot as it is only the food that is supposed to be heated.

However, it is normal for your microwave to get hot since the external heat oven interior and the magnetron tube contributes to it too.

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Tips to maintaining the microwave.

  • Make sure the food you are heating has some water in it otherwise add some amount of water before microwaving it.
  • Make sure to unplug your microwave if it is not in use.
  • Ensure the electricity is high enough for the microwave.
  • Turn it off immediately once you notice the food is dry

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Conclusion: How Hot Can a Microwave Get?

Hopefully, you now know that your microwave can reach a maximum temperature-212°F (100°C). That is if the food has some amount of water in it.

Remember to set the timer right so it doesn’t get to overcook the food thus burning it.

Try to unplug the microwave from the switch if not used.

Do not allow your microwave to overheat. Always lookout for it.

Good luck! Be sure to give us some feedback!

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