8 Best Substitutes For Cherry Tomatoes In A Salad

Really, cherry tomatoes are great tomatoes that fit in almost all recipes. It offers a lot of benefits. One of the many recipes that cherry tomatoes are popular in is a salad.

Salads are a huge combination of fruits, vegetables, and other natural ingredients, depending on what you want. And with cherry tomatoes, be sure satisfaction is guaranteed.

And although cherry tomatoes are best for salads, they are not the only tomatoes that can complement other combinations to make a full bowl of this goodness- salad.

Other wonderful tomatoes make an excellent substitute for cherry tomatoes in a salad. Grape tomatoes, heirloom tomatoes, Roma tomatoes, plums, Campari, currant, and red pear are great substitutes for cherry tomatoes in a salad.

Let’s find out about these tomatoes, and how they are suitable substitutes for cherry tomatoes.


What are cherry tomatoes?

Cherry tomatoes (solanum lycopersium) are small, round, sweet, and juicy tomatoes that complement a lot of dishes. The shape is like that of a cherry hence the name cherry tomatoes.

They have thin skin and offer many nutritional and health benefits. It is consumable since the high acidity content is only but increase in the sugar content. Cherry tomatoes are miniature tomatoes that produce intense flavor when you consume them raw or simply have them in other recipes.

Yes, cherry tomatoes display their juicy taste in salads however; there are over a thousand and one cherry tomato recipes.

So if you are looking forward to upgrading your roaster try out cherry tomatoes. If you simply want to be more intentional and creative in your culinary skills-cherry tomatoes is a way to go.

But let’s assume you need some great substitutes for cherry tomatoes in a salad. Let’s learn about them.

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Substitutes for cherry tomatoes in salads

These substitutes differ from the original tomato- cherry tomato; however, they would not do badly in salad anytime you choose to add them to your meal.

1. Grape tomatoes

grape tomatoes

Grape tomatoes although are from Southeast Asia, it has become popular in many places. Grape tomatoes produce fruits in clusters and would be sweeter when they are in good condition.

If you talk about cherry tomatoes substitute in any recipe and grape tomatoes do not pop up in your mind then you do not know they do wonders too! Many people use grape tomatoes and cherry tomatoes interchangeably.

Both grape and cherry tomatoes are miniature tomatoes. They share a few similarities. Grape tomatoes are almost the same size as cherry tomatoes. But grape tomatoes are quite larger than them. They have a similar flavor to cherry tomatoes.

These characteristics qualify the grape tomatoes as excellent substitutes for cherry tomatoes in salads. Since they offer similar flavors and almost the same size, try them out in your salad.

2. Roma tomatoes

roma tomatoes

Also known as Italian plum tomatoes, Roma tomatoes are plum tomatoes that are naturally sweet and juicy. Roma tomatoes are larger than cherry tomatoes and grape tomatoes; however, they are smaller than beefsteaks.

They have meatier skin and fewer seeds, unlike cherry tomatoes. More so, they have lower water content compared to cherry and grape tomatoes. And because of this, they are primarily used for sauce and paste. There are several varieties of Roma tomatoes to try out in case their qualities ring a bell.

Are Roma tomatoes great substitutes for cherry tomatoes in a salad? Well, although the characteristics seem contradictory to cherry tomatoes, Roma tomatoes, because of their chewy nature and outstanding taste, are a great substitute for cherry tomatoes in a salad.

3. Heirloom tomatoes

heirloom tomatoes

Like other tomatoes, heirloom tomatoes have an appealing taste that complements multiple dishes. The UK calls it the heritage tomato. An heirloom tomato is an open-pollinated, non-hybrid heirloom.

They taste better than most hybrid tomato varieties. Because of the great taste of heirloom tomato, it is always an excellent replacement for cherry tomatoes in salads.

Note: heirloom tomatoes have a shorter life span compared to other tomatoes, so they are quick to spoil and require you to get them in small quantities.

4. Campari tomatoes

campari tomatoes

Have you ever wondered if there are any hybrid tomatoes with sweet and flavorful taste? Well, here it is the Campari tomato! This tomato is popularly sold on the vine in supermarkets to maintain the sweet taste.

The Campari tomatoes are deep red and are notable for their high sugar level and savory taste. The tomato is larger than cherry tomatoes and pear tomatoes.

And although grape and cherry tomatoes are virtually the same as Campari tomatoes, they are quite different in shape, and slightly flavor.

Campari tomatoes are excellent substitutes for cherry tomatoes, and this tomato would offer great taste and nutritional benefits.

5. Plum tomatoes

plum tomatoes

Although this tomato is renowned for its importance in fitting in for sauces, juice, and tomato paste, they are fit for salads too! Plum tomatoes are also called paste tomatoes.

The plum tomato is a staple in sauce and paste because they have thicker skin and fewer seeds than other tomatoes.

And that plum tomato is primarily bred for canning and a sauce doesn’t mean that it cannot substitute cherry tomatoes when the need arises. So, plum tomato is another great substitute for cherry tomatoes even in salads.

Slice and toss the seeds in the salad and be glad you did!

6. Currant tomatoes

currant tomatoes

Solanum pimpinellifolium is the botanical name of currant tomatoes. The currant tomatoes are small edible cherry tomatoes that are grown on the vine. Many people refer to them as wild South American tomatoes. This tomato is available during summer.

It is its tangy-sweet flavor that makes it worthy of juicing and making sauces. They are like grape and cherry tomatoes considered miniature cherry tomatoes.

And as a result, Currant tomatoes can substitute for cherry tomatoes in a salad.

7. Red pear tomatoes

red pear tomatoes

This tomato is notable for its pear-shaped nature. The red pear tomatoes, because of their sweet and tangy flavor, are great substitutes for cherry in a salad. They are good for snacking as well.

The red pear tomatoes are so special- they produce crack-resistant fruit. Their texture speaks a lot too! The next suggestion would seem a bit counter-productive

8. Sun-dried tomatoes

sun dried tomatoes

If you ever wanted some tomatoes that are not overly juicy and yet choke-filled with nutrients, congratulations, you just found it!

Unlike these tomatoes, which are fresher and juicier than the sun-dried tomatoes, sun-dried tomatoes are dry. Sun-dried tomatoes are the tomatoes that are stripped of all the water contents; however, they still hold their nutritional value.

Experts consider sun-dried tomatoes healthier than other tomatoes.

How are sun-dried tomatoes a great substitute for cherry tomatoes in a salad? Are salads not supposed to be filled with fresh veggies?

Well, on the contrary, sun-dried tomatoes are very sweet and juicy. They have this chewy texture and this makes them a great substitute for cherry tomatoes in salads. You can learn how to make salads with sun-dried tomatoes.

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Here are the best substitutes for cherry tomatoes in a salad. These tomatoes are nutritious and juicy and reward your efforts whichever way you choose to make your salad.

We are glad you now know these substitutes. We know it could be quite a lot and could be a bit of a hassle making your choice.

However, you should work with the tomato that best fits your recipe. Go through our guide again for clarity.

Well done!

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