11 Best Side dishes for jerk pork

Pork is a type of meat that many people enjoy, whether cooked, fried, or roasted. However, when it is jerk pork, it elevates the taste of the dish and sparks up some light.

If you love pork, then this is another way to try out your pork. Jerk is nutrient-filled and delicious on its own.

However, if you need to take a turn in your culinary skills, then serve jerk pork with some side dishes. Side dishes for jerk pork could be vegetables or even some main dishes that ring a bell.

Do you know side dishes that can reward your effort when you need to serve jerk pork? You do not have to think again. That is why this guide is here- to help you make the best choice.


What is jerk pork?

If you have had anything like this, you would be curious about what jerk pork is or what it means for pork to be jerks.

First, jerk is a style of cooking; meats are mainly the base of this style of cooking. Many people mix meat with mainly spicy ingredients. The mixture is what many refer to as Jamaican jerk seasoning.

Traditionally, the meat used to make jerk meat is chicken; this is what we know Jamaicans for. So jerk pork is a Jamaican-inspired dish.

Nowadays, people use beef, fish, and even vegetables for this style of cooking.

Key ingredients in jerk

The key ingredients in jerk would differ depending on your choice of spices or seasoning.

However, cumin, nutmeg, allspice, smoked paprika, and cinnamon are ingredients that are mainly present. Now, you can toss pepper whether chili powder or black pepper, to make up some hotness in the meal.

Taste of jerk pork

This does not taste like the other pork meat that you have when you cook or try them. Jerk pork because it is mainly smoked. It has this crunchy, smoky taste with the ingredients, enhancing the taste during every bite.

The taste is complex; however, it is savory.

What side dishes are excellent for jerk pork? 

Since jerk pork is oozing with flavor and spice and can even be enjoyed with wine. Which side dishes go well with jerk chicken?

Jerk pork would taste better with sour, savory side dishes. The side dish does not have to be too sweet, too bitter, or mild. Jerk pork would some a bit of mild dish to tame the hotness.

Now let us learn about all the excellent side dishes for jerk pork.

Side dishes for jerk pork

1. Coconut rice

coconut rice

Rice is a great main dish that many households enjoy in different ways. And when you use you use it as a side dish; it would represent its course well. Coconut is a great ingredient that adds some sweetness to whatever dish or recipe you use it in.

So coconut rice would make a great dish for jerk pork. If you wish for more spice, add as you so wish.

2. Rice and peas

rice and peas

Rice is one dish you cannot call a side dish and forget. So, if you think coconut rice is too steep. Have some white rice with green peas. The combination is such a remarkable sight.

Jerk pork is quite spicy and would need some mild dish to tame it. So, why not rice and peas?

3. Fried plantain

fried plantain

How about some nutritious side dish well fried? Plantain is soft depending on how you fry it. Once the plantain is ripe enough, be sure you would get the best out of it.

On low heat, fry your plantain until both flips are golden yellow. You do not add spice, just salt would do the job. Now sit and enjoy your jerk pork with the shiny plantain.

4. Baked sweet potatoes

baked sweet potatoes

You know potatoes cannot be in any dish without you noticing it. The flavor and starchy texture are enough to be outstanding. Now imagine baking some sweet potatoes.

Wash and toss your sweet potatoes in the oven. Continue to check until it is done. You would notice because it will become relatively soft and still sweet. Yummy right?

If you were yet to make a choice, baked sweet potatoes would reward your efforts after making jerk pork and want to relish it. It gives this feeling of crunch and smooth texture all at once.

5. Fried potatoes

fried potatoes

Maybe we should now stop with potatoes. So, this is another chance for you to elevate your meal. If baked sweet potatoes do not work for you, then we think it is time to have your potatoes fried.

Ever wondered how even creamy main dishes need potatoes as a side dish? And now you can even eat barbecue fish with fried potatoes. And today jerk pork is calling on fried potatoes.

We cannot underestimate the savor and the height of satisfaction; many people drive having fried potatoes. Just slice them in thin form, toss in hot oil, and when it is done, enjoy with jerk pork.

6. Macaroni cheese

macaroni cheese

Also known as mac and cheese, macaroni cheese pairs well with many dishes, and because of the savory or creamy taste, it does a great job taming of the spice in jerk pork.

You can learn how to make macaroni cheese today and have it with your pork! Because why wouldn’t you?

7. Red beans and rice

red beans and rice

Rice yet again… however, this time you are having it nutritious and at that with beans. Beans are renowned for their nutritious value. Red beans are great and would do well when you pair them with rice to suit jerk pork.

Red beans would give the rice color that one cannot ignore. Spice it up a bit if you wish to.

8. Salad


How do you feel about a bowl of goodness with vegetables and tomatoes? Salads are a great side dish for many main dishes, including rice.

So, extend the goodness to jerk pork. Jerk pork would taste spicy, yet with a mild taste from the mixture of many vegetables.

You do not have to get all the veggies, you can make do with what you have and be glad you did.

9. Coleslaw


Closely related to salad is coleslaw. It is mostly packed with cabbage, carrots, and cucumber. Coleslaw does the perfect job in suiting spicy meals, and jerk pork is not off the list.

And since most times you can add cream to it, it carries texture while the crunchy ingredients still offer some satisfaction when you pair it with jerk pork.

10. Eggplant


Eggplant completes many meals in a pinch. Just dice the eggplant, and try it with a little oil until soft. Ensure it does not burn. The only thing you need is the tender texture so your jerk pork can taste flavorful.

11. Roasted vegetables

roasted vegetables

Veggies have a mild flavor and sometimes are relatively butter. However, this does not mean that they would do the perfect job of completing or making a full course meal when you merge it with other main dishes.

Roast your vegetables and have those with jerk pork. It would tame the hotness; it would also offer this mild umami flavor at every bit.

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Sometimes side dishes are as important as main dishes. So, you would need to spend time to figure out which one works best for what you need it for.

In our guide today, we have listed a good number of side dishes that can easily fit with jerk pork and still offer this distinct yet sweet taste.

If you have wondered about the best side dishes for jerk pork, well now you have it!

Have a remarkable experience having your jerk pork with a good side dish.