What To Serve With Mushroom Risotto (9 Delightful Pairings)

To serve a main dish with a side dish or any other meal, it is paramount that you go for a meal that complements the main dish.

This would make up a full course meal whilst maintaining balance with the main dish. Mushroom risotto is a good creamy meal that is now popular in many cuisines.

The ingredients that make this mushroom risotto are enough to give you every satisfaction you need. However, it is unbeatable the taste you get relishing mushroom risotto with any suitable meal.

In this guide, we discuss what mushroom risotto is and what to serve with mushroom risotto.


What is mushroom risotto?

Risotto is a northern Italian dish that many people cook with broth. The broth gives it a creamy consistency and some traceable flavor. The flavor would depend on the broth you use.

You can use the broth you get from meat preferably chicken; however, beef is a way to go too. You can also use the broth from fish or vegetables.

To make risotto, what many people mostly use is the risotto rice- Arborio rice. Arborio rice differs from any other rice.

It is a short-grain rice that contains more starch than most rice, hence its ability to absorb liquids without making it mushy.

The rice is nutritious and filled with nutrients. Although the nutrients are fewer than in regular rice, it is a great dish.

What are the other ingredients you can use to make risotto? Risotto French shallots, parmesan, cream garlic, broth, and since it is mushroom risotto, you need not skip mushrooms.

Mushroom risotto is more loaded with ingredients because mushrooms have a meaty texture. So, it would easily give a distinct taste to any meal you add it in.

To make mushroom risotto, use cream since the mushrooms are likely to change the color of the risotto to brown.

The French onions are perfect compared to other onions. However, depending on what you have at hand you can go with what works best for you.

Now get into what to serve with mushroom risotto.

What to serve with mushroom risotto

  1. Roast chicken
roasted chicken

Do you want to have a crunchy and meaty texture? Then serve the mushroom risotto with chicken. This vegetable is generous and the chicken would complement it.

If you want to get the best out of this recipe, you should make way for the spices to spread in the chicken.

Tear open the skin, especially the chicken breast, then use a spoon and season the very inside of the chicken so your spices can sit evenly in the chicken. Otherwise, you end up with a chicken that is tasty inside and tasteless inside.

Add some garlic, onions, and lemon to the meat. You can also add broth or water and allow it to cook. And roast until every side is golden brown.

It will take about 10 minutes to get this done. Use moderate oil. If it is too hot, you might end up having some sides burnt.

  1. Roasted beef cuts
roasted beef cuts

Meats are always a way to go when you are looking forward to having some dishes complement any main dish.

Having beef meat with mushroom risotto would leave you with an unforgettable experience. Have the meat cut so the ingredients can disperse.

However, if you must achieve great taste, then you should marinate the meat for 2 to 3 days. Use these ingredients: mustard, thyme, oregano, onion, pepper, sugar, garlic, olive oil, and balsamic. Leave it in the fridge for some time so the beef has more of the ingredients.

When it is about time to use the meat, get the meat out of the fridges 60 minutes before the time. So, it thaws before using it.

  1. Herb-baked chicken with gravy
herb baked chicken with gravy

This is very much easy to make. Although it is most suitable when you need to feed crowds, herb-baked chicken would give you the most feeling when you serve it with mushroom risotto.

This recipe is trouble-free, just season your chicken with salt and other spices, and pepper too! Use any herb that you deem is fit for you and then serve hot.

Enjoy with creamy risotto and sweet mushroom. The best part of the chicken to use for this recipe is mostly thighs and the drumsticks. However, if you want to use chicken breast, ensure you make spices permeate the inside, then bake!

  1. Roast lamb leg
roasted lamb leg

Here is another meat to serve with your mushroom risotto! It is not also tasky making this recipe. You would only have to get the lamb leg, wash thoroughly, and pat the skin if you must.

Then make tiny cuts so your ingredients spread evenly in the lamb leg. You can add some herbs if you want to enhance the taste with something mild.

Place on whatever you would use to roast your meat, and toss when there is a need for it. And voila, you have your meal… now serve with lamb leg.

  1. Pork chops
pork chops

Okay, now you have more than enough meat options to choose from, so examine which one would work for you the most.

And like other meat options, it is easy to make as well. You can roast or fry this. Slice the pork evenly and the necessary ingredients to taste.

Use olive oil or whatever oil you have to fry your pork chops, or roast the pork if you do not have oil at all.

Now, enough meat options for mushroom risotto. So are you a vegetarian? Do you want the unique meal to serve with mushroom risotto? Read on to find out!

  1. String beans
string beans

You can serve your mushroom risotto with some string beans, and have it sit in moderate oil for some time until it is soft enough. Add some seasonings to taste.

  1. Coconut toasted shrimp
coconut toasted shrimp

Are you looking for another to serve your mushroom risotto? Consider coconut-toasted shrimp. This will add a different texture to your meal.

Shrimps are renowned because they so complement many dishes, offering some crumbs with whatever you serve. You can toast the shrimp to get the crunchy consistency. Add some spices like pepper, salt, or any herb to enhance the flavor.

  1. Steamed broccoli
steamed broccoli

Broccoli is an essential vegetable that many cooking geeks find irreplaceable in the kitchen or any cuisine. It has a special grassy flavor and offers many nutrients when you have it.

So, serve your mushroom risotto with some broccoli today!

  1. Sausage

This is another non-meat option for you to explore. Sausage is a great start if you are looking forward to simpler ingredients to serve with mushroom risotto.

If you must end up with herbs, it is okay. After all, the mushroom is friendly with many herbs; sage, thyme, parsley, dill rosemary, and many others are good for mushroom risotto.

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Now you have many options to choose from, so whether you are a vegetarian or just would not mind the options, this guide has provided the best options for mushroom risotto.

Although mushroom risotto seems like a complete meal having no meal complement, you can have some memorable experiences trying it out with other suitable meals.

And it is easy to serve some meals with mushroom risotto. We hope this guide is more helpful now that you have it.