What Side Dishes Go With Caribbean Jerk Chicken?

Caribbean jerk chicken is a good standalone meal that many households enjoy as lunch or dinner. It is not like the usual chicken that is mixed with a few seasonings and enjoyed after frying or even in broth.

It is quite flavorful too! And although jerk chicken is a substantial meal to have, it would taste great with some side dishes that are fit to make a full course meal.

So what side dishes go with Caribbean jerk chicken? Well, a good number of side dishes complement Caribbean jerk chicken; however, this would depend on what works for you.

In this guide, you’ll learn about the best side dishes for Caribbean jerk chicken. After which you would boldly make a pick.


What is jerk chicken?

So, since jerk chicken is not like the usual chicken, what is jerk chicken? How about we have a vast knowledge of what jerk chicken is?

First off, jerk is a way of cooking where the major ingredient for the meal is covered with spices. The ingredients are then slow-cooked for some time to allow the spices to permeate through the chicken. Most times, the jerk chicken is grilled to get a smoky consistency.

Fortunately, jerk is not limited to only chickens since a good number of ingredients can pose as the main dish. Goat, pork, beef, or even seafood is still or way to go if you must jerk any ingredient.

What makes up jerk chicken? A lot of spices and seasonings come into place to make up jerk chicken.

  • Spices that makeup jerk chicken- nutmeg, all spices cinnamon, cumin
  • To give it that heat taste-red pepper, cayenne pepper
  • For seasoning- salt and pepper
  • Sugar- brown sugar

All these combinations are sure to have a hot and domineering flavor.

Tastes of jerk chicken- jerk chicken ranges from mild to spicy depending on what supersedes your mixture. And when it is grilled, it produces this smoky and earthy flavor.

So, the best side dishes for Caribbean jerk chicken should have a mild taste to tame the spicy taste of the jerk chicken.

So let’s learn about these side dishes!

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What side dishes go with Caribbean jerk chicken?

1. Rice and beans

rice and beans

Rice and beans are a sumptuous meal on their own; however, jerk chicken can make a full course meal. And since you would need mild to tone down the heat that emanates from jerk chicken, try out rice and beans.

Rice and beans have this subtle flavor and the combination of both as side dishes would go a long way. So rice and beans are great side dishes for jerk chicken.

2.      Fried plantain

fried plantain

Plantain is a popular side dish closely related to bananas but not as sweet as a banana. Fry them as you wish, although yellowish golden is always pleasing to the sight. It is an excellent side dish for your Caribbean jerk chicken.

3.      Calypso rice

calypso rice

This is a great side dish; the bright colors add vibrancy to the day. Calypso rice complements a lot of main dishes.

Add some seasonings to enhance the taste. So, you can pair calypso rice with jerk chicken to get the best out of it.

4.      Grilled pineapple

grilled pineapple

Sometimes a sweet and tangy flavor is best for a roasted spicy chicken. Grilled pineapple is a great side dish for Caribbean jerk chicken. Pairing them would give this almost complex taste, spicy, smoky, and tangy, however, it is quite an adventure with it.

5.      Coconut rice

coconut rice

Rice unarguably is a great standalone meal for most countries. If you’ve heard of Ghana jollof rice and Nigerian jollof rice, then that is sure and clear that African countries, as well as Asian countries, enjoy this meal.

So, if you need any side dish to relish your Caribbean jerk chicken, try coconut rice. It is the coconut milk in the rice that gives it this creamy texture while enhancing the taste.

6.      Potato salad

potato salad

Ever wished for a bowl of goodness to pair with your jerk chicken? Well now you have it. Potato is one of the best side dishes for jerk chicken.

Potato is naturally sweet with this mild flavor that can subdue a little the spicy ingredient in jerk chicken.You can mix with bacon, corn, and onions to get a savory, smoky and crunchy bonus.

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7.      Cassava salad

This is virtually similar to potato texture. Cassava salad is delicious. It is one of the best Caribbean side dishes. Great! A Caribbean side dish for a Caribbean jerk chicken!

Spice it up with some ingredients. Carrots, garlic, and onion would improve the flavor of the cassava salad.

8.      Collard greens

collard greens

Vegetable goes well with many main dishes. Caribbean jerk chicken would taste great with some season-filled green.

9.      Jamaican callaloo

 jamaican callaloo

From the amaranth family, callaloo is a type of dark green leaf that many people use as a side dish. You can mix callaloo with some spices to get a defined flavor. Use chili, onions, spinach, and garlic for this.

10. Sweet potato

sweet potato

Potato is really sweet, coupled with a mild taste to suit any main dish. It goes well with Caribbean jerk chicken.

Now, you have another great side dish to merge with your jerk chicken to get a mild spicy taste.

11. Beans, rice, collard and plantain

 beans, rice, collard and plantain

Beans and rice are good standalone meals. Collard is a great side dish and also some fried plantain. But, have you imagined it all as a magnificent combination? Right…

A combination of beans, rice, collard and plantain, and jerk chicken makes a full course meal and leaves your taste bud wanting more.

12. Jamaican steamed cabbage

jamaican steamed cabbage

This is one of the easiest Caribbean side dishes to make; the major ingredients are cabbage, bell peppers, and carrots would make the dressing be fitting for a side dish. Also, it is a gluten-free recipe, so if you are on a gluten-free recipe, you can try it out.

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We are glad we have successfully led you through the question of what side dishes go with Caribbean jerk chicken. You can try out these amazing side dishes at a time.

And although these are the best recommendations for Caribbean jerk chicken, you are welcome to try out other side dishes to see which one works for you.

Good luck with that!