Why Is My Crock Pot Not Heating Up? (8 Problems And Quick Fix)

Is there anything that can replace the ease and comfort crock pot offers to you? Almost nothing. But, all of a sudden, it is faulty. You are most likely asking, why is my crock pot not heating up?

Your crock pot might not be heating due to technical issues, faulty switches, broken circuits, and a broken heating element.

The issue is also far from technical issues. You should check the cooking ability of the crock pot.

You will learn about these possible problems and their solutions; who says you cannot fix your slow cooker again?


Why Is My Crock Pot Not Heating Up? (8 Problems And Quick Fix)

Also known as a slow cooker, the crock pot is one of the valuable items that any household should have handy. Crockpot makes many things more accessible; however, like every other appliance, it can go bad whether you are prepared for it.

Find the common problems, how to fix them, and regain your crock pot quickly. Let’s begin

1. Broken Switches

If your crock pot is not heating up, the first technical culprit is broken switches. You can not ignore it if this is the problem. What happens when the button is broken? It will not be responsive to any actions assigned to it.

So, the temperature will not shift from what it is already, no matter how much you try to control it. It is best to check the switches and see how faulty it is already.

To fix: Fret not if this is the issue because it is easily resolvable. You can replace the switch. But, you must disassemble the button, get to where it is located, and disconnect every wire or cord. Please ensure you turn off the crock pot before embarking on this journey.

2. Electricity problem

It may seem like a lie, but if the electric voltage is too low, then chances are, it would not supply sufficient power to the crock pot heating element. So, no matter how much you leave the crock pot in the switch, it would maintain a specific temperature at best.

Many appliances have fallen for this issue due to poor or low voltage, and crock pots are kept on the hook. It is undoubtedly frustrating; at this point, you have little or no control over the situation. But there is something you can do.

To fix: if you have alternatives like solar or power generators, you are many steps into the solution you seek. It will be a problem if you have none of this, as there are high chances of ending up with ruined food. However, neighbors’ help will save you some stress and waste.

3. Damaged lid sealing

As you may know, all these cooking appliances can cook food faster when they conserve some heat. So, if anything interrupts this process, you will most likely have your crock pot not heat food quickly or even at all.

Check the lid and ensure it is not cracked; if it is, the reason is plausible. The heat escapes from the cracked caps, thereby extending the heating process.

To fix: this requires a simple and easy fix: replace the lid! Replacing the lid helps the crock pot heat up fast while cooking the food in it.

4. Impaired heating element

The heating element is the life support system for the crock pot, so remove the heating element, and you might as well forget you had one. The heating element is an essential factor that guarantees the easy use of your crock pot. What happens when it is not doing its job? Well, everything else seizes.

The heating element is responsible for converting electrical energy into heat through a series of internal processes. With this intact, you will heat the food at any desired temperature.

To fix: You should be quick to replace the heating element. And this is no other way than to disassemble the crock pot. Take the slow cooker apart, remove the wiring from the heating element, and get the impaired heating element off the crock pot.

5. Thermal fuse breaking down

When the thermal fuse malfunctions, it slows down the heating process. The thermal fuse is responsible for regulating your slow cooker’s temperature. At its best, it would protect the crock pot from overheating or catching fire!

If the thermal fuse is faulty, then carrying out the task of managing the temperature becomes almost impossible.

To fix: it would be easier if already the crock pot had been disassembled; you would quickly locate the thermal fuse, but if this seems like a hard nut to crack, then it is best you invite a technician.

6. Faulty circuit board

Another thing that could cause your crock pot not to heat up is if the circuit board is faulty. It would affect the functionality of the circuit board and make it harder for your crock pot to heat correctly as it should.

What can affect the circuit board? A circuit is the brain of the crock pot and can be affected if the power surge is too high or breaks off suddenly. If you are fond of leaving your appliance on and in the switch, you should be mindful of it.

To fix: If this is the problem, then more than fixing it, you might resolve to replace the slow cooker. Sometimes you could be lucky to find an available repair for replacement; other times, you might not. For best results, get a replacement.

7. Broken probes

Probes would ensure that your meal reaches the maximum temperature and is cooked properly, so your crock pot will not heat properly when it is broken. If the problem is the broken probes, it would be hard to determine when the temperature is ideal for the meal you are making.

To fix: you can test the probe with a multimeter to ensure it is faulty.

8. Overfilling the crock pot

There is always a certain amount of food that the crock pot can take in. So, checking the manufacturer’s advice or instructions before making any meal is best. You cannot afford to ruin your crock pot by yourself.

Therefore, this shows that the problem could be far from technical issues, so if the crock pot is not heating and you are sure it is not a technical problem, ensure you are not overfilling the pot.

To fix: for best results, avoid overfilling the crock pot; getting extra pans or pots for the task would be too much for the crock pot. In doing this, you are also maintaining the life span of the crock pot.


It can be challenging to diagnose whatever issue your cooking appliances are experiencing. If you are still looking for the real culprit for any difficulty, then knowing the best solution for your crock pot would be hard.

So, consider finding out the major problem your crock pot is faced with. If you have experienced difficulties with your crock pot, you asked why my crock pot is not working. We have identified the potential issues to look out for and the best solutions to get your crock pot back in shape.