What To Serve With Sole Meuniere (8 Tasty Side Dishes)

These days it is easy to travel anywhere around the world through fabulous recipes. Many cuisines are reliable in rendering the perfect craft by making mouth-watery dishes.

Above all, these recipes can be available for homes that want to make a difference in their menu. After all, it is a matter of an intentional craft.

Sole meuniere is one great recipe that is common and is oozing with richness in French cuisines. Sole meuniere is not tasky if you have a guide. In addition, serving sole meuniere with the best ingredients can elevate the meal.

Learn what to serve with sole meuniere in this guide.


What is sole meuniere?

First off, the sole is the name of a flatfish that is most popular in parts of Europe. Meuniere means to roll lightly (anything, fish, or meat) in flour and sautéed in butter. Hence, you can easily say that the sole meuniere is a fish that you can roll in flour and then sauté in butter.

Also known as sole a la meuniere, sole meuniere is a well-known French fish dish that, through the right process; rolling in flour and pan-frying in butter, you can serve with butter sauce, parsley, and lemon.

Taste of sole meuniere: sole meuniere has a mild flavor that is most affected by the ingredients with the ingredients used in making it.

This fish is great and you can easily introduce it to your kid’s diet because it is filled with nutrients and the mild taste is commendable. It offers selenium, vitamin B12, iron, and folate.

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How to prepare sole fish

To make sole fish it is always better to have the best version of sole fish, which is the Dover sole.

Europeans are known for having the version of this fish and so we advise you to have your sole fish there. This version is the fish is firmer and has a more refined taste than other sole fishes.

So, to prepare sole fish;

  • Peel both sides using a towel since the fish is slippery. Peeling the back of the fish would allow the flour and ingredients to stick to the fish well.
  • As it is still bare, the bones on both sides will be more visible, so use a knife or scissors to chop the bones off.
  • Wash and pat with a dry towel if you must.
  • Carefully roll the Dover fish in flour; all-purpose flour preferably and prepare to sauté them in the butter. Add some seasonings.
  • Fry until you achieve the brownish color on both sides, then serve with whatever pleases you.

And in case, you are worried about what to serve with sole meuniere. That is the purpose of this guide, to help you serve your Dover fish well.

So, are you ready to have some meals that complement your sole meuniere? Let us see them.

What to serve with sole meuniere

There are a few dishes that can complement Dover’s sole meuniere. So, if you want to make the right choice, read on to find out.

1. Roasted potatoes

roasted potatoes

Potatoes are mostly known for their ability to complement main dishes without standing in the satisfaction you would derive from having the main dishes use sweet potatoes if you want to enjoy this combination.

Roasted potatoes will add this umami flavor and some good feelings when you have them with sole meuniere. It does not require any special spices, or salt to taste. But, who says you cannot add other spices?

When you finish, you can serve in confidence and have household as for more of it!

2. Sautéed mushrooms

sauteed mushrooms

You can have a sautéed sole fish with sautéed mushrooms; we know mushroom offers a meaty texture to any meal you cook with them. Mushrooms offer great nutrients as well. Mushrooms are notable too as the best vegetarian option against meat.

Slice your mushrooms so you fry them well. Add some spices, salt, and pepper. Some herbs can enhance the taste; make the dish appear more appealing. Now you can serve with your sole meuniere.

3. Potato salad

potato salad

And again we have potatoes, you cannot have enough potatoes if you know how you can make many recipes with it. Potato salad is another substantial meal you can serve with your sole meuniere.

This will offer some creamy texture to the recipe and heighten satisfaction. Cut your potato into bitable sizes. Boil them and have them. Seasoned, add some cream to get the creamy consistency. Now serve alongside sole meuniere and have the best of time.

4. Green salad

green salad

Some vegetables can be a way to go too. Parsley thyme, sage, ginger, dill, and rosemary can make a bowl of nutritious green salad.

So get some vegetables, wash them thoroughly, and prepare them. You can season, add pepper, salt, allspice, and other spices you want to explore, then serve with your sole meuniere.

5. Sautéed green beans

sautéed green beans

You can serve your meuniere with green beans and, like your sole meuniere, fry the green beans on low heat until the green beans are soft enough to complement your meal.

Green beans would add some vibrant color to your meal. So, enjoy.

6. Balsamic parmesan roasted asparagus and tomatoes

 balsamic parmesan roasted asparagus and tomatoes

Have your sole meuniere with balsamic parmesan roasted asparagus and tomatoes. This combo adds some flavor and a distinct feeling, too.

Roast your asparagus to enhance the flavor. Tomatoes are loads of goodness and pair with many dishes. Add any type of tomato to this recipe and relish with sole meuniere.

7. Roasted mushrooms and veggies

roasted mushrooms and veggies

What else can you serve with sole meuniere? You can serve this fish with some roasted mushrooms, sprinkle some sliced vegetables on this, and have a good time with your main recipe.

8.      Lemon with asparagus

lemon with asparagus

Sometimes all you need is a bit of mildly sweet and tangy taste to make your day. Pair your sole fish with some lemon and asparagus to get the best out of your meal.

What if you want to have this meal but cannot get a hold of sole meuniere? Can you replace sole fish? You can use other fishes like trout, snapper, cod, and even tilapia.

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You can always have the best time with any of the meals you choose from our list. Sole meuniere is a great recipe and you can have it without other meals.

However, to have a full course meal, you would have to be intentional about the meal you pair with your sole meuniere.

In this guide, we talked about what the sole fish is and how you can make some fish. Ensure that you follow this guide thoroughly to get the best out of it.