What To Serve With Risotto? (11 Delightful Side Dishes)

As creamy and yummy as risotto is, no matter the type, it would require some other fine dishes to make a full course meal.

Are you wondering what to serve with risotto? Okay, you can serve many great dishes with risotto. These dishes range from dessert to vegetables and then down to meat. So, there are enough dishes to choose from.

Risotto is one meal that you would derive satisfaction in relishing alongside great dishes. You do not have to search in all nooks and crannies for these dishes. We have done the job for you!

So, read on because we would show you the best dishes to serve with risotto.


What you should know about risotto

Risotto is a creamy dish that many people enjoy because of its mind-blowing features. Risotto is native to northern Italians. They consider it rice.

So this Italian rice is mostly prepared with broth. The broth gives it the creamy consistency.

The broth can come from many ingredients-meat, fish, or vegetables. So the taste of the risotto would depend heavily on the broth you use to cook it.

There are many types of risotto and many of them contain ingredients like onion, Parmigiano Reggiano, and butter. Now that is the time to enjoy your meal, you would have to eat it without some dishes.

Well, if not some dishes will reward your effort after a long day.

Let us begin!

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What to serve with risotto

1. Sautéed mushrooms

sauteed mushrooms

Aside from mushroom risotto, that already has mushroom as one of its bases, sautéed mushrooms would do great in many risottos.

If you were looking for what to serve with risotto, then this nutty yet meaty dish would perfectly fit and give you this sense of comfort and satisfaction. The potency of the dish is what we cannot under-hype.

This would fit perfectly for vegans. So you cannot miss this vegetarian recipe. Sautéed mushrooms would add extra nutrients, flavor, and satisfaction to your risotto.

2. Braised lemon chicken

braised lemon chicken

Chicken is great meat that most people enjoy and for every celebration, there is a chicken to relish. Braised lemon chicken is another great dish to serve with risotto. So make do with that chicken in your fridge today.

3. Spinach pesto with almonds and feta

spinach pesto with almonds and feta

Most dishes would depend on the type of risotto you have. Spinach pesto with almonds and feta is a great dish but would for perfectly with butter squash risotto.

So when it is time to enjoy your meal, do so with spinach pesto with almonds and feta. Almonds will add some saucy taste to your meal. Feta cheese is also great and enhances the taste of risotto.

4. Seared scallops

seared scallops

Seared scallops offer buttery flavor to any meal you serve with them. It would be more rewarding if you caramelize the scallops. Serve your risotto with this dish and have your taste bud desire for more of it.

It is very delicious, and the flavor paired with risotto is second to none.

5. Green salad with lemon vinaigrette

green salad with lemon vinaigrette

Who says you cannot serve the risotto with favorite veggies? Indeed, you can enjoy your risotto with whatever veggie you have at hand, or anyone you intend to use for your risotto.

6. Caprese salad

caprese salad

A bowl of flavorful salad can order your day to be fun and satisfactory. Sweet tomatoes, creamy mozzarella, and lightly arise flavored basil with vinaigrette can shift your experience with risotto to another level.

If you want to see, more satisfactory then use grape tomatoes or cherry tomatoes to serve the salad.

7. Roasted green vegetables

roasted green vegetables

Vegetables are highly nutritious. The fun part is that you are not limited to just cooking them. You can roast them to enhance the greenish flavor.

Brussels sprouts, green beans, broccoli, asparagus, and mushroom are great to start with if you are not sure of the vegetables best for this combination.

8. Fresh pea and mint soup

fresh pea and mint soup

You can make a perfect pea alongside mint soup and have a good time with your risotto. Fresh peas and mint soup would have this veggies flavor, yet it is flavorful enough to spice up your evening when you serve the risotto with them.

Peas are renowned for their nutritional value and will not fail you, especially not now.

9. Parmesan garlic roasted green beans

parmesan garlic roasted green beans

Here is another way to try your risotto. This would, in most cases, pair well with the chicken risotto.

Adding green beans to eat are a plus that you cannot overlook. Serve your risotto with parmesan, and green beans, and then add to the flavor with some garlic.

10. Whole roasted carrots

whole roasted carrots

Carrots- we know for their sweetness and how much it enhances the taste of any recipe anyone uses it in and it will not do otherwise with risotto.

So, get a handful of carrots, do not slice it, do not cut or mince them. Just wash thoroughly grace it with onions and sprinkle some seasonings and low heat until it is easily bitable.

11. Zucchini and tomato ragu

zucchini and tomato ragu

Zucchini is one vegetable that will in a short time offer delicacy and some tastiness in your meal.

And tomatoes- what can we not have with tomatoes? You cannot ignore this combination when it is time to have your risotto.

You can either roast or fry your tomatoes. But to get the best out of it, roast them all! Cherry tomatoes are sweet tomatoes that would not only give nutrients but would enhance the taste of your meal with all the juiciness.

If cherry tomatoes are not handy, grape tomatoes or even Campari can sit fine. You do not have to slice cherry tomatoes. However, you may need to slice grape tomatoes and Campari tomatoes.

12. Garlic bread

garlic bread

You can use bread to soak up all the broth and still enjoy your creamy risotto when it is time for lunch. Garlic bread is easy to make and even if it seems like a bit of a hassle making one, you can learn how to make garlic bread.

If you are in a hurry, you can get fresh bread from the store and enjoy your risotto with it.

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These are our best recommendations of what to serve with risotto. So, with our plethora of lists, you are sure you would not run out of ideas.

Remember, food is what you make out of it, so for whatever dish you pick, you can spice up your day by simply adding some seasonings to enhance the taste of dishes.

So, whether you choose meat, desserts, or vegetables, we guaranteed you would reap all the benefits.

We hope you make the perfect recipe.