Tortellini Vs Tortelloni: 5 Key Differences

There are few ingredients in the kitchen that you can use interchangeably, but when it is time to make a choice, you would have to put many things into consideration.

One of which is, would your choice affect the entire household? Or would it suit you for a long time? This is the case with tortellini and tortelloni.

Although both tortellini and tortelloni share almost the same name, they are still different from each other.

So, if you are looking forward to choosing between tortellini vs tortelloni as your dish for the day or an event, then you must know a few things.

This we shall reveal here in our guide today a few similarities and the key differences between tortellini and tortelloni.

So, let us begin.


Which is the best between tortellini and tortelloni?

Both tortellini and tortelloni perform a spectacular role in satisfying taste buds. So, whether you are preparing for an event or you just want to snack during the day, you would not regret choosing any of them.

However, when it’s time to make a choice, your choice would depend heavily on what you want to achieve having any of the ingredients.

You can have either tortellini or tortelloni as a side dish; they would compliment any meal you choose to have them with.

The basic ingredient for tortellini and tortelloni is pasta. They both come in virtually the same shape; however, they are not the same. So, if you are looking forward to having one of them, you must learn how each differs from the other.



Tortellini is this ring-shaped pasta that originally features mainly meat filling, cheese-Parmigiano Reggiano cheese preferably, and other fillings. You can serve them alongside capon broth.

Italian cuisines are renowned for making tortellini. Making tortellini requires craft, yet simplicity makes it easy for anybody to make it, whether you are professional or it is your first experience.

Tortellini is relatively small compared with tortelloni. Little wonder the Italians refer to it as small little pies. Originally, people make tortellini using eggs and pasta dough; it is then kneaded until it achieves a sticking consistency.

And then, like dumplings, you can add many things to each tortellini to form this pillowy texture. It is the fillings that make up tortellini.

What are the key ingredients that makeup tortellini?

The key ingredients that makeup tortellini are meat and cheese; however, other ingredients are added to it to make tortellini more defined. Other ingredients like egg, prosciutto, mortadella, and nutmeg would give tortellini a different texture and taste.

Usually, many people use pork meat as the key ingredient for tortellini. However, you can use beef meat or any other meat as you would pork in tortellini.

More so, the common cheese used in making tortellini is Parmigiano Reggiano, but you can use parmesan cheese or ricotta cheese.

And even if you do not have any of the cheese, you can substitute these cheeses in a pinch, provided it doesn’t alter the taste of your meal.

What does tortellini taste like?

The taste of your tortellini would depend heavily on the fillings. So the taste would range from mild to tasty. But with all the ingredients, be sure to have your taste bud asking for more tortellini.

You would experience this soft bite because of the pasta and meat, and the crunchy texture because of the cheese and some slightly nutty flavor.

Although the taste would be complex, it would be worth having. Now let us find out about tortelloni!



Like tortellini, people make tortelloni using egg and pasta dough. Tortelloni like tortellini is pasta that comprises fillings too, but there is a vast difference.

Unlike tortellini, the main fillings of tortelloni are vegetables. You can call this a vegetarian type of pasta. Tortelloni is also native to Italy- northern Italy precisely.

Vegetarians would go for this recipe and get the best out of it. Adding other ingredients like cheese is a plus as it enhances the taste. Most people serve tortelloni with sauce like pesto or marinara.

Any simple sauce can easily fit in, so you do not need to go through any hassle making sauce super tasty.

Principal ingredients that makeup tortelloni

The principal ingredients that make up tortelloni are vegetables- spinach, and herbs preferably, but this does not mean that you cannot use other vegetables as you wish.

Ricotta cheese is mostly used to make tortelloni. Yet another other cheese can easily replace ricotta cheese.

What does tortelloni taste like? 

Well, unlike tortellini, tortelloni has a milder taste because of the vegetables.

Although the cheese adds a bit of taste to it, it does not match the taste of tortellini since tortellini’s taste ranges from mild to tasty.

Remember, however, the meal is what you make out of it so your tortelloni would taste exactly the way you prepared it, especially with the fillings added to it.

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Similarities between tortellini vs tortelloni

Tortellini and tortelloni share a few things in common that might make it hard for you to choose if you are not putting the fillings into consideration.

  • Both tortellini and tortelloni are made from pasta dough and eggs.
  • They are both popular in Italian cuisines.
  • You can serve both tortellini and tortelloni with rich cream sauce
  • They both are great as side dishes.
  • Both tortellini and tortelloni require fillings and ingredients that make up the recipe.
  • More so, they both share almost the same substitutes. You can use either ravioli or cappelleti as substitutes for tortellini or tortelloni.

Now, do you see that tortellini and tortelloni share a lot? No wonder many people use them interchangeably.

Difference between tortellini vs tortelloni

  1. Fillings: tortellini is meat-based while tortelloni is vegetable-based. Although other ingredients can come in, the key ingredients differ from each other.
  2. Shape: another noticeable difference between tortellini and tortelloni is the shape. While tortellini is small, tortelloni is large.
  3. Taste: tortellini is tastier compared to tortellino.
  4. It would take 4 to 9 minutes to prepare tortellini, but to prepare tortelloni; it would take about 9 to 11 minutes.
  5. While tortellini is served with beef or chicken broth, tortelloni is served with ragu or sage leaves.

These are the key differences between tortellini and tortelloni. So, what if you intend to make a recipe that requires you to choose between tortellini and tortelloni?

Let us help you put some things into consideration.

Things to put into consideration before choosing between tortellini vs tortelloni

If you wish to make your meal but cannot seem to make the right choice, here is what you need to do:

  • Consider what would work for you. What would you love to be the fillings in your recipe?
  • If you are making a meal for a large audience or even as small as your household, what would work for everybody?
  • If you would not mind having either vegetable or meat-based fillings, then you should consider the availability of the ingredients. If you have more vegetables than meat, then it would mean settling for tortelloni. However, if you have more meats and the other necessary ingredients, then you can go for tortellini.


These are all there is to know about tortellini vs tortelloni. Now you know how these wonderful nutrition-filled meals can reward your efforts in the kitchen.

Tortellini and tortelloni are great recipes in case you are looking for a quick meal. And in this guide, we have discussed these meals respectively to help you make the right choice.

We hope you make the right choice. Have a great time making any of them!