Kitchen Counter Height For A Short Person

It could be frustrating making some decisions in our household like where the faucet should be, where the gas or electric stove should be. And in this case the height of the kitchen counter.

It would be demanding to get kitchen counters that are quite high knowing we have more of average and in some cases as this short person around.

So, any decision we make would impact the household. Therefore it is advisable to make some considerations before getting kitchen counters at home.

Unless for some cases where you have kids that would explore quite a lot and end damaging things at home, it is advisable you get kitchen counters that are reachable.

Let’s help you find out the kitchen counter height for a short person to avoid impromptu spending.


Are There Kitchen Counters For Short People?

Of course, other than the standard kitchen counter which is 36 inches, we have kitchen counters that are lower than the standard kitchen counter and if not higher too.

So the countertops that are lower than the standard height will be acceptable for a short person. Countertops that are lower than standard height will be about 32 inches.

So people that are shorter than 5 feet 3 inches can use these countertops comfortably.

Whatever countertop that you need would be made available upon suggestion. In other, if you think the countertop would be too high or low as the case may be, and then you can make suggestions according to your desire or needs.

You must be able to make some considerations before choosing any height of the kitchen countertop.

Things To Consider Before Getting Kitchen Countertop

  • The population of your household
  • How often do you entertain guests
  • Functional desires of the kitchen
  • The Height of you and your household 

1. How will the population of the household affect the choice of a kitchen counter? 

If you and your household are above six feet tall, then it would be best to use countertops that are higher than the average countertop.

However, households that are below five feet should consider getting countertops that are exactly average or below average depending though on what is the majority.

2. How often you entertain guests 

If you are the type that often entertains guests or wouldn’t mind guests serving themselves then you should consider getting a kitchen countertop that would serve them well, irrespective of your height.

You cannot have your guests constantly looking for a support system anytime they wish to get any item from the countertop.

3. Functional desires of the kitchen 

If you enjoy highs, and lows in the kitchen, you can always get the countertop that ranges from standard countertops to countertops lower or higher than the countertop.

Whatever the case maybe ensure you know what influences your decision.

4. The Height of you and your household

The height of you and your household, can affect how high or low you want your countertop to be. If you and your household are all over six feet tall, it will be best to have a countertop that is higher than average.

Likewise, if you and your household are around five feet tall or shorter, you will have consider a lower countertop.

Furthermore, even if you are tall but would not have any business with the kitchen then you should consider whoever that you would keep in the kitchen. Make it easier for them too.

What if you already have the countertop of choice installed? You can simply employ workers based on your installation

What to do before installing the countertop

  • After making your considerations try calling for the services that would be in charge of installing the countertops.
  • Have them measure the height and length of the countertop based on your decision.
  • Ensure you are comfortable with their decisions.
  • Keep in touch with them in case there should be slight changes.
  • Remember that color would speak well of your kitchen

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Conclusion: Kitchen Counter Height For A Short Person

Before considering installing a kitchen counter ensure you make the considerations as stated above.

Of course, there is kitchen counter height for a short person, going to find the exact one you need from the market might seem futile. So it is best you contact special services so you make your desired needs.

You would not only have them delivered to your doorstep, but you would also equally have them installed as you wish.

Good luck getting the kitchen counter that best fits your needs.

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